Building Green

T.W. Ellis LLC is a certified and accredited green builder/remodeler, as well as a full service professional contractor. We deliver the benefits of lower energy costs and higher value, while incorporating green principles into your project without driving up the construction cost. T.W. Ellis is committed to building your dream project while protecting the earth’s natural environment.

Tim Ellis, Owner/President, is committed to providing comprehensive green building options to all of our clients. He has holds the following certifications along with several continuing education opportunities.

  • LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, Accredited Professional)
  • National Green Building Standard Accredited Green Building Verifier
  • Certified Green Professional
  • Certified Building Analysts Professional

Tim provides the expertise required to design a building to LEED standards and to coordinate the documentation necessary for LEED and Energy Star certifications.

T.W. Ellis LLC recently completed a custom home that was built to the National Green Building Standard in Harford County MD

Some of our offerings include:

  • Green Remodeling – commercial and residential construction
  • Green Building – commercial and residential construction
  • Energy Retrofits
  • Certified green homes for new home construction

The LEED Green Building rating system evaluates environmental performance from a whole building perspective over a buildings life cycle, providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a “Green Building”. There are different levels that can be attained, based on your project.

The rating system is organized into five main categories; there are also other available credits specific to the project type.

  • Sustainable Building Site
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resource
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

The Building Performance Institute Inc. Certification training covers the fundamentals of the home performance evaluation and whole-home energy retrofit planning and execution with a focus on the house-as-a-system concept, including mechanical equipment, the building envelope and manufactured housing. Certified technicians who have a completed BPI’s written and in-field practical examinations are confident in identifying structural problems, finding their root causes and making necessary corrections.

Contact T.W. Ellis LLC today for all your energy efficiency and green construction needs.

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