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5 Must-have Features For Your Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathroom features including a soaking tub and separate shower

Your master bathroom should be a place where you can relax in peace. This is a space where you can have some time alone to recharge after a busy day.

In order to achieve the optimal level of relaxation, you need to include some features that are a little bit over the top. Here are five items you should include in your luxury master bathroom.

Heated Floors

Getting out of your warm, cozy bed during the winter is not fun, but adding heated floors to your bathroom makes it a little bit easier. Installing electric radiant floor heating will warm your bathroom from the ground up.

Heated flooring works best with porcelain or ceramic tiles, the most popular bathroom flooring materials. This type of heating may feel very luxurious, but it could end up saving you money when it comes to energy. That’s good news for your wallet and the environment.

Walk-in steam shower in a modern luxury bathroom

Invigoration Series: Steam generators and controls

Steam Shower

Another luxurious yet eco-friendly must-have in your luxury bathroom is a steam shower. If you’re the type who likes to stand in the shower to destress, a steam shower is a must.

Steam showers are soothing and relaxing and use less water than a traditional shower. You can stand in a steam shower for 30 minutes and only use 2 gallons of water – a regular shower uses that much water every minute!

Smart Mirrors

Nobody wants to deal with a fogged-up mirror after getting out of the shower, and now you don’t have to. Including a Smart mirror will prevent fog but also has many other features. Smart mirrors can connect to your phone or television via Bluetooth. That means you can watch the morning news while doing your makeup or check your email while brushing your teeth. 

Smart mirrors typically have LED lighting and a contemporary look that will blend beautifully with your updated luxury bathroom.

Layered Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the feel of a space. In the bathroom, sometimes you need a lot of light, but other times you may want the space to be dimly lit. Having layered lighting allows you to set whatever mood you are looking for.

Your bathroom should have dimmable ceiling-mounted lighting, which can light the room from overhead. You’ll also need lighting near your mirror that won’t cast shadows. Smart mirrors come with the ideal lighting, but if you decide to skip that feature, you could look at installing eye-level wall sconces next to the mirror.

Soothing Color Scheme

You can include all the luxury features, but if your bathroom does not have a luxurious, soothing color scheme, it won’t give you the feel you’re hoping for. Using high-end materials in calming colors like tranquil green, serene blue, or light gray will lay the foundation for a luxurious bathroom you look forward to escaping to.

Ready To Go For A Luxury Bathroom? If you’d like to add some luxury to your bathroom, we are here to help. Let’s discuss your current bathroom and determine how we can improve it.

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