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Adding on with a bump-out addition

When a potential client contacts T.W. Ellis to talk about a remodeling project, their needs usually come down to a similar theme: they are looking to improve the livability of their home and make it their own.

Through our design/build process, we work hard to ensure that every client gets exactly what they need. One project that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately is “bump-outs,” a great way to add just a little space where you need it. Often, a bump-out will be part of a larger remodel of the space, adding a little extra space to accommodate a new element to the room.

What is a bump-out addition?

A bump-out is exactly what it sounds like: a small addition that “bumps out” from the home. These micro additions may add only a few square feet to a room, but when designed properly they can make a big difference. They can be used to expand a half bath to a full bath, to create a breakfast nook, to add a new master bedroom closet – there are countless possibilities. An especially popular application we’ve been seeing lately at T.W. Ellis is to make room for a new fireplace.

Benefits of a bump-out

There are several reasons to consider a bump-out instead of a full addition.

  • Cost – A bump-out addition will cost less than a full addition, as we’re adding on a smaller space. If you only need a little extra space, why make a larger addition?
  • No extra HVAC – Typically, a bump-out will not require any additional heating and cooling equipment as a large addition would.
  • No foundation/roof extension – If the bump-out is less than 2 feet deep, it can probably be cantilevered, meaning there will be no need to pour additional foundation or footings. Bump-outs often have their own roof as well.
  • Limited space – If you’re dealing with a small lot or restrictive neighborhood covenants, a bump-out may be the best way to find some needed room while still blending in with the existing exterior.
  • Convenience – A smaller project will usually cause less disruption to your life

Fireplace bump-outs

We’ve constructed several fireplace bump-outs this year. This can be an especially good use of a bump-out, as fireplaces add supplemental heat and atmosphere to the home. They are environmentally friendly and cost efficient. And when you install a gas or electric fireplace, there’s no need to worry about chimney maintenance, ash disposal or wood storage. If you’re looking for a fireplace solution for your home, T.W. Ellis can help find the right option.

Although small in terms of space, a bump-out is a complicated addition that requires precise planning and construction. Be sure to work with a qualified, professional remodeler on your project. Time to add some space to your home or create a new retreat? Contact T.W. Ellis today to discuss your remodeling needs!

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