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Are Outdoor Kitchens All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

When we think of summer, we think of being outside with friends and family. So, why not add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard space? They are trendy, convenient, and a perfect spot for summertime gatherings.

There’s no doubt that an outdoor kitchen will make your summer – and your life—better. But is there a downside? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of outdoor kitchens.

Pro: It Expands Your Living Space

If your home is feeling a little cramped, take advantage of outdoor space. How much of your backyard actually gets used, anyway? An outdoor kitchen is an excellent use of space where your family can gather and spread out while enjoying the fresh air and warm weather.

If you aren’t sure where the best spot for your outdoor kitchen would be, we can take charge of the design and placement of the kitchen. We will look for the most convenient area to connect water and electric lines while keeping the design stylish, functional and comfortable.

Con: Your House Won’t Smell Like Whatever You’re Cooking

It’s always a joy to have the house smell like grilled onions and salmon days after a delicious dinner. But with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll no longer have the aroma of cooked chicken lingering in the air.

Pro: It’s Great For Entertaining

Your guests won’t have to choose between hanging out in the kitchen or hanging out outside. Since the kitchen will be outside, they can do both! We can install a large island space with seating, so your guests can comfortably keep you company while you’re preparing dinner.

Con: Your Friends Will Expect YOU to Host the 4th of July Festivities

Since your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space will be the talk of the town, all of your friends will expect you host fun gatherings like summer pool parties and 4th of July cookouts. And once football season starts, you can forget about ever having your beautiful outdoor kitchen to yourself.

Pro: You’ll Save on Utility Bills

Depending on where you live, keeping your home cool in the summer can be super expensive. When you cook inside your home, it heats your home up even more. This makes your air conditioner work harder and costs you more money. With an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have that problem.

We can strategically place your outdoor kitchen area to be shaded and install ceiling fans to keep you and your guests cool during the warm summer months. So you can enjoy your outdoor space, even when it’s hot. 

Con: You’ll Have to Spend More Time with Your Guests and Less Time Cleaning Up

After the meal is done, you won’t get to spend time inside by yourself hunched over the sink washing dishes. Depending on your budget, we can include a sink and even a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen to make cleaning up a breeze. So, you’ll have to wait until your guests leave for the evening to have that quiet alone time.

As you weigh through the pros and cons of an outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that we are here to help you design and build the outdoor kitchen space of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs!

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