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Ready to Bring Back the Forgotten Breakfast Nook?

Breakfast nooks used to be a staple in homes. Then trends changed, and these friendly dining areas went away, replaced by the kitchen island. But you know what, breakfast nooks are really useful spaces in a home, and we want to see them come back!

If you don’t know what a breakfast nook is, it’s a space off the kitchen with a table, chairs, and an enclosed booth-like area. Let’s consider a few things you need to include to make the most of your breakfast nook.

Large wooden table and benches tucked into a small area with windows creates a perfect breakfast nook

Make Use of Window Space

We like the idea of the dining nook being close to a window for a few reasons. First, our bodies need natural light first thing in the morning. It will help wake us up and make us feel energized for the rest of the day. Plus, it is always nice to have breakfast with a view.

Second, these nooks typically have a banquette on at least one side, which could be positioned under the window. This is space that would go unused otherwise, so building a breakfast nook will maximize the space in your home.

Make it Cozy and Comfortable

The breakfast nook should feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. This isn’t a space you share with just anyone. Breakfast nooks tend to only be used by the family and not guests. Since this space is used for quick, everyday meals and not for the more formal dinner gatherings, it should feel comfortable and more casual than a formal dining room.

You’ll want your nook to have comfy cushions that make the space cozy and less formal than the typical dining room. These cushions can be customized to match the rest of your kitchen space. Including a unique lighting fixture over the breakfast nook will help solidify the area and make it look like it belongs in your home and isn’t just an afterthought.

Corner breakfast nook with built-in wooden bench and lots of storage nearby.

Include Storage when Possible

Your breakfast nook can be more than just a comfy spot to eat breakfast. There are so many uses for this space – it can be used as a place for your kids to sit and do homework while you make dinner.

This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t just playing on their phones. If you have young kids, it can be used as a craft or coloring table. It can also be a place for the family to hang out and play cards or board games.

To make the breakfast nook a functional multi-purpose space, we can be sure to include some cabinet space for your kids to put their school supplies or for you to store your supplies for game night. The cabinets can be built under the seats or off to the side of the nook, depending on your preference.

Want to install a breakfast nook in your home? We can help. We will help you with everything from choosing a spot in your kitchen to place it, designing, and, of course, the construction of your breakfast nook. Give us a call so we can get the process started. With our help, your breakfast nook will quickly become your favorite spot in the home. 

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