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Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

All this month on the T.W. Ellis blog we’ll be taking a look at ways you can improve your bathroom. This week, we have tips on choosing a bathroom vanity. Keep an eye out in future weeks for more bath topics! The right bathroom vanity can be the centerpiece of your bathroom. It needs to […]

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Say Goodbye to The Dungeon Basement

Several decades ago, basements were dreary and boring. Even when a basement was refinished, you still knew you were in a basement. It lacked that homey feel the rest of the home has. Here are some ways to create a refinished basement that is a fully integrated room in the house. And it will feel like home.

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A Neglected Entryway Remade into an Inviting Space

Is your front entrance crowded and disorganized? Or is it picture perfect, but you struggle to find a place for keys and the like when walking through the front door? When you come home at the end of a long day you want your home to feel organized and inviting. When a visitor first walks […]

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