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Information you should know before, during, and after remodeling your home.

7 ways to design a bathroom that’s easy to clean

Let’s be honest – nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. It’s become an even bigger chore for most of us over the last year with everyone learning and working at home. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten those self-cleaning bathrooms from The Jetsons yet, but there are design and material choices you can make that will make your […]

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer for your Remodel

If you’re thinking about your next remodel, make sure you aren’t forgetting about the importance of design. The pre-construction planning process is crucial to a successful project. Without detailed, well-thought-out plans homeowners can find themselves with a remodel that doesn’t meet their needs and blows their budget. At T.W. Ellis, we think the best way […]

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Choosing the right kitchen sink material

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen in Forest Hill or Bel Air, there are a lot of decisions to make from appliances to countertops to flooring. One of the most important choices is the material for your kitchen sink. From aesthetics to performance to ease of cleaning, different materials offer certain benefits and drawbacks. […]

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Bathroom with open shower

Open Showers: Is this trend for you?

As we all spent more time at home in 2020, many of us looked to improve our bathrooms. Improving the shower is one of the most popular ways to do that. Doorless and open showers have gotten a lot of buzz over the last couple years as a way to bring the luxury of a […]

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