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Challenging Howard County Home Addition Reaps Great Reward

Rick and Maureen had a clear vision for how they would like to transform their single family home. They wanted to increase their living space on the first floor by expanding their existing kitchen and also adding a master suite. What a disappointment that every contractor they contacted declined their remodeling project due to the challenges presented by the roof line! Every contractor except for T.W. Ellis, that is.

“When Rick and Maureen contacted T.W. Ellis, we eagerly took on the challenge,” said Tim Ellis.

The challenging Master Suite Addition was handled masterfully

Master suite addition and playroom-turned sitting room

Designing and building the master suite required the new roof to be tied into two different preexisting roof slopes. It was also necessary for the existing foundation to be underpinned allowing the new foundation to become a full height basement under the master suite addition. T.W. Ellis handled everything with painstaking caution to protect the existing structures. The master suite addition adjoins a preexisting playroom that has been transformed into a comfortable sitting room. The two rooms flow smoothly together as one open space. Our incredible team was able to manage these challenges masterfully, and the clients are thrilled with the results.

The kitchen expansion integrates seamlessly with the existing kitchen and dining room. The exterior wall of the existing kitchen was removed, and the entire area had to be carefully braced while our team worked on the addition, since that wall had been supporting the roof. The two areas are now unified by the solid maple wood flooring that continues without interruption throughout the space, as well as the new ceiling beams that perfectly match the existing ones. Traditional-style KraftMaid cabinets with glass door inserts and rich granite countertops exude warmth and welcome. Maureen especially enjoys the sitting room and its stunning views of their surrounding acreage.

The increased living space is exactly what our clients needed

“Whenever friends or family see our new addition, they react the same way,” says Maureen. “They are just blown away! ‘Amazing!’ is what I hear a lot.” See more photos of this beautiful project here.

“It’s great to know that Rick and Maureen are enjoying their wonderful new living space,” Tim Ellis remarked. “We are so glad we could make their dreams come true.”

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