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Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

All this month on the T.W. Ellis blog we’ll be taking a look at ways you can improve your bathroom. This week, we have tips on choosing a bathroom vanity. Keep an eye out in future weeks for more bath topics!

The right bathroom vanity can be the centerpiece of your bathroom. It needs to look good and match the style of the room, but also be practical, meeting your requirements. There are several factors you should consider when picking your vanity. A professional remodeler like T.W. Ellis will help you make the right choice for your room!

Scope of the project

The first thing to determine is how significant a remodel this is going to be. If this is a full bathroom remodel, you’re going to have more leeway when it comes to design, placement of the vanity, etc. On the other hand, if you are simply replacing the vanity or updating some lighting and fixtures, you and your remodeler are going to need to pay more attention to matching styles and working around existing elements.

How will it be used?

Consider who will be using the bathroom, and how. If this is a guest bathroom, counter space and multiple sinks are not as important. For a master bedroom, do you need multiple sinks or is more workspace for cosmetics and other supplies more important – or both? If it’s a children’s bathroom, multiple sinks can help avoid conflict. And consider future needs. That third grader is going to become a teenager and need more space down the road.

This is one of the parts of your project where a good remodeler and designer will help you consider your needs and make the right choices.


Depending what you plan on keeping in your vanity, drawers or cabinets may be better, or a combination of the two could be the best solution. Small items like cosmetics, razors and haircare supplies will work better in drawers. If you plan on keeping paper products or towels and washcloths in the space, consider cabinets.

Obstacles and placement

You want to be sure your new vanity doesn’t dwarf the other features of the bathroom. It should blend with existing elements of the space. Confirm that drawers and cabinet doors don’t make it difficult to maneuver in the room or create too tight a fit. How does the new vanity fit with the existing toilet and shower?

Don’t forget about your existing plumbing, either. A new vanity or one in a new location will probably mean at least some minor adjustment of your water. That’s no problem for a qualified remodeler, but it will add time and expense to the project.

Prepare for wear and tear

There’s probably no room in the home that takes more abuse than the bathroom. So make sure the materials you choose not only look nice but also can handle water, cleaning products, hair spray, cosmetics and whatever else you’re going to throw at it. Avoid materials that are not moisture-resistant or are susceptible to scratching and scuffing. Many wood products, especially less expensive particle board options, are more likely to sag or absorb moisture over the years. Solid hardwood is porous by nature and can better handle the moisture-heavy atmosphere of a bathroom.

Ready to give your bathroom a new look? T.W. Ellis is here to guide you through your bathroom remodel or any project you need. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs!

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