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Home Builders Care Foundation Collaborates with The Arc Baltimore

before photos of the kitchen project

A Wonderful Community Effort

We are excited about a very special kitchen remodeling project that Tim Ellis and our team here at T.W. Ellis are working on this month. The project is a collaboration between the Home Builders Care Foundation (HBCF) and The Arc Baltimore. Tim is serving as the project’s Volunteer Builder Captain.

A single-family Rosedale home a part of The Arc Baltimore’s Community Living Division. It is receiving a much needed two-room renovation that will expand the space into a new larger accessible kitchen for its residents. The renovation is particularly important because the kitchen will be accessible for one of the women who uses a wheelchair. She enjoyed cooking in the past, and would like to again.

“By leveraging the skills and resources of its building industry members, HBCF is not only making upgrades to this home,” says Ron Christian of The Arc Baltimore’s Community Living Division. “They are bringing back to someone a very basic enjoyment in life. Really improving the function of this space for everyone who lives there. It’s a substantial project. The kitchen renovation would not have been possible without HBCF and will save The Arc thousands of dollars.”

Follow the stages of this project: the Beginning, Demolition, the Kitchen Taking Shape, Final Touches, and the Completed Project.

About Home Builders Care Foundation

The Home Builders Care Foundation is the official charity of the Maryland Building Industry Association. Tim Ellis is on the Board of Directors. HBCF’s mission is to give back by utilizing the skills and resources of building industry members on shelter-related construction for the homeless and others at-risk. Since its inception, HBCF has made in-kind contributions totaling more than $20 million worth of materials and labor to projects which assist the homeless and others at risk in communities throughout Maryland.

About The Arc Baltimore’s Community Living Division

The Arc Baltimore’s Community Living Division assists more than 280 people in homes and apartments across the Baltimore area. All with the aim of helping people become full and active members of the communities of their choosing. The mission of The Arc Baltimore provides advocacy and high quality, life-changing supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Arc Baltimore Dining Room Before

Arc Baltimore Kitchen Before

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