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How Do You Survive a Kitchen Remodel?

You’ve finally set a date for the start of that kitchen remodeling project you’ve been planning. All of those hours of research on Pinterest, the time you’ve spent finding a contractor and getting estimates, and the pennies you’ve hoarded for your project are about to pay off. Now that the date for the beginning of the project is set, you may feel excited but also nervous. Kitchen remodeling jobs are not completed overnight, and the whole process can cause stress as you handle your day-to-day routine without the use of your kitchen.

Here are some tips for thriving through a kitchen remodeling project:

  • Adjust your expectations. Your new kitchen is going to bring you years of happiness. Being inconvenienced for your project’s duration is a trade-off. Keep your eyes on the prize, while at the same time prepare yourself for an extended period of time without the use of your kitchen.
  • Pack up your rarely used small appliances, fine china, and entertaining dishware. You simply will not need these items until your project is completed. While you’re at it, pack up any highly sentimental or breakable items in both the kitchen and adjoining rooms for your project’s duration. Use plenty of padding and stow boxes out of the way, if possible, in an attic or garage.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen area ahead of time. Choose a place to set up your makeshift kitchen, preferably as far away from the construction as you can get. If you have a utility sink in your laundry room, basement, or mudroom use one of these spaces. If there is no space, pick a nearby room for convenience to the sink.
  • If you do not have a second large sink (like a utility sink), you’ll be leaning over your tub, bathroom sink, or outside with the water hose washing dishes. We love the Earth. We do. There is a time and place for disposable dishes and cutlery—a kitchen remodel is one of those occasions. Aim to use paper rather than Styrofoam, if you can, to minimize impact. Remember to get a variety of bowls and various plate sizes. This step will not take care of all of your dishwashing woes, but it will help.
  • Electrical appliances that will make surviving a kitchen remodel easier include microwaves, Instant Pots, slow cookers, electric griddles, hot plates, toaster ovens, and sandwich makers. Don’t go overboard and purchase all of these items if you don’t currently own them, unless you really want them in your brand-new kitchen!  
  • Is the weather mild? Whether it’s spring or summer, grilling or using a camp stove (outdoors only, please), can help you eat fresh healthy meals at home during your kitchen remodel. As an added benefit, you may already have a table and chairs for dining set up on your screened porch or covered deck. If you do not have adequate protection from the elements, store your food indoors, and use alternate methods of cooking on rainy days.
  • Food storage is key. Move your refrigerator to a spot near your temporary kitchen, or invest in a small, portable, electric cooler or mini refrigerator. This will save you trips to the store on a daily basis for ice and fresh supplies for a standard cooler. Use plastic totes, milkcrates, or the old cabinetry from your kitchen (once it has been removed) for storing nonperishables.
  • Consider freezing home cooked meals ahead before your project begins. If you have and fill a chest freezer, these meals could carry you through your project, and give you a nice break from cooking and fewer dishes! It may be worthwhile to borrow or invest in a small chest freezer for this purpose (you can always sell it if you do not need it afterward).    
  • Make plans with nearby friends and family ahead of time to share some meals together. You can even offer to bring the ingredients and cook for everyone. This will give you a lovely opportunity for socializing.
  • Maybe your temporary kitchen is fine for your morning coffee, breakfast, or lunch prepping, but you’re too exhausted to come home and make a meal every night. Budget frequent dining out ahead of time. Look for healthy options whenever possible, so you don’t end your project feeling terrible from over-indulgent dining.    
One of our completed kitchen remodels

Now don’t you feel more prepared for that transitional period between the beginning of your new kitchen and its completion? Are you interested in beginning your kitchen remodeling, or another remodeling project? We would love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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