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How to add April Fools-inspired design into your home

Girl giggling at April Fools joke

Have you run out of clever April Fool’s prank ideas? We have you covered, although, our idea of a prank takes a lot of planning and some home renovation.

Trust us, though, the look on your guest’s faces will make it worthwhile. Here are some fun April Fools home design ideas:

Library with hidden door to office
Library with a hidden door to the office

Secret Door

Who hasn’t seen a good murder mystery movie or played CLUE as a kid and not wanted a secret door in their home? You might think you need a huge mansion to have a secret door, but believe it or not, just about any home can have one.

One way to achieve this is by installing portable built-in shelving. When you want to keep your secret room hidden, you roll the shelves in to make it appear like an ordinary bookshelf. It’s as simple as pushing the bookcase to the side when you want to surprise everyone and lead them into your hidden study.

Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds, which fold up onto a wall to save space while no one is using them, are not a new invention. They have been around for decades.

They are a great way to save space, so you can have a home office that doubles as a guest room.  But more importantly, we can design your room so that your guests won’t even know the bed is there until you fold it down.

We can design a wall to include a built-in cabinet that hides the bed when it’s stowed away. This could be the perfect solution for those of us who have had to scramble to create an in-home office space at the expense of our guest rooms.

Samsung's Frame TV looks like art when not turned on

TVs Disguised as Paintings

Today’s high-definition TVs are great for watching movies or games, but when you’re not using them, they’re just a big, black, monolith hanging on your wall.

That’s a problem that has a design solution. Many of today’s TVs have a “screensaver” mode that displays a painting or a photo of your choice when they’re turned off. You can choose just about any image you want, and even rotate them.

Then, we can create an installation so that the TV looks like a framed piece of art. Or we can incorporate it into your built-in cabinets.

It’s a great way to hide your TV in plain sight while you’re not using it.

Refrigerators that Blend into the Kitchen Cabinets

“Help yourself, the drinks are in the refrigerator,” you say to your guests. Then watch as they try to figure out where the refrigerator is.

Pannel-ready refrigerators, also known as overlay refrigerators, are custom designed to match your kitchen cabinets. This will eliminate the big, bulky look of a refrigerator and give your kitchen a more seamless, uniform appearance designed to fit whatever style of kitchen you have.

If you want to add a little April Fools-inspired design to your home, we are here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

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