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How to Create a Work-From-Home Sanctuary

Making the switch from working in an office to working from your home can be tricky at first. But, if you do it right, working from home can increase your job performance and be more enjoyable than being stuck inside an office all day long. 

And you can’t beat the commute!

Since more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home long-term, you need to create a space in your home that will help you be productive. We have six ideas for you to do just that!

Locate It Near a Bathroom

You’ll need to take bathroom breaks during the day, but walking through your entire house to get there will seriously decrease your productivity.

You may have to switch some bedrooms around but find an area close to a bathroom to help you keep your breaks short. If you are working out of your basement, we could even install a new bathroom in your home-office suite.

Find a Distraction-Free Area

To prevent yourself from being distracted, choose a place in your home as far away from everything else as possible. This space could be a basement, attic, or bonus room.

Converting one of these often underutilized rooms in your house will help you stay on task since you won’t get tempted to watch TV or fold laundry instead of getting your work done.

Whether you want to do an all-out bonus room remodel or just carve out a small space in your basement to devote to your workspace, we are here to take the lead!

Sound-Proofed Walls

Having a quiet space to work is especially important if other family members are at home during the day. While it sounds a bit extreme to soundproof a room, the process is not as complex as it sounds. 

Soundproofing your home office will require us to install new insulation or acoustic panels to your walls. You’ll be amazed at how much a quiet space will boost your productivity! We will also plug up any sound leaks and install acoustic windows if outdoor noise is causing distractions.


If you have the space, we highly recommend including a kitchenette in or near your home office. This space should have a sink, fridge, coffee bar, and dishwasher.

This way, you can mimic your old office routine and pack up your lunch, snacks, and coffee for the day. You won’t have to leave the office until it is time to clock out.

Natural Light

Natural light is a total mood booster, and you should make sure your home office has plenty of it! If the area you’re working in is a little darker than you’d like, we could install additional windows or a skylight to help enhance your mood. 

Bonus points, include some houseplants in your office near your new windows and see how much calmer you feel.

Separate Entrance

This may not be realistic for everyone, but having an office space with a separate entrance will do wonders. This way, you’ll feel like you’re going to work, not just working at home.

One way to do this is to locate your workspace on the second floor of your detached garage, if you have one. This will give your office a distinct “location” and give you a greater sense of place when you’re at work.

The new long-term home office is still a relatively new concept for most of us, but that makes the remodel process more fun. Let’s get creative and design a space that works for you!

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