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How to Make Your Open-Concept Home Feel Cozy

Open concept living room with fireplace and high ceilings

Open concept floor plans have gone from a home design trend to the default for new home layouts. Having large open spaces in a home allows everyone to feel included and was a welcomed change from the closed-off small rooms that used to be the standard in homes.

However, many homeowners now see that one huge, wide-open space may not be the best idea. Families are home more often, sometimes having to work or do online classes, and some privacy and separation are needed.

If this sounds like your home, here are a few ideas of what you can do to make your open concept home feel a little cozier.

Open-concept kitchen and dining room visually separated by wall covering and area rug

Create Zones

One of the biggest complaints we hear about open concept living is that our client’s home feels like a gymnasium or warehouse. They feel like nobody has any privacy, and now with many of us working from home, that causes quite the problem.

Adding a fireplace is easy to create a living room zone. The fireplace can act as a focal point but is also functional in the cooler winter months. It is also easy to arrange furnishings around a fireplace which separate your living room from other spaces in your home.

Another easy-to-define zone is the dining area. It can be as easy as adding a rug under the dining table with a prominent light fixture to create a zone that does not blend in with the other spaces. 


Something as simple as installing light fixtures in each space of your open concept can help to differentiate the zones. As we just mentioned, you could have a dining room chandelier over the dinner table and a large ceiling fan with lighting in your living room to help create zones.

Having a functional focal point will help to define a space and won’t make the open concept seem too open and overwhelming. 

Open-concept room divided by columns and short wall to create separate spaces

Install Columns

Another great way to create a cozy and defined space in your open concept home is by installing columns. Columns can act as a divider between areas. For example, you could install two columns between your dining and living room spaces.

The columns don’t close off the space, but they do create a distinct room divider that will make your home feel more comfortable.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are another trick we can use to make your open concept feel more cozy and defined. Some popular ideas are adding wainscotting to a living room or dining space, which, again, will help to differentiate the space.

Another idea for an accent wall is to install built-ins that can store books and decorative items while also acting as a focal point for your living space.

Do you have an open concept floor plan that feels a little too open? We get it. Times have changed, and while we want spaces that are open and inviting, we also need homes that are more functional and can provide some privacy for your family members.

Before you start putting up walls, let’s consider adding some of the items mentioned in this article. Give us a call so we can get started!

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