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How ‘Trendy’ Should You Get in Your Home Remodel?

Trendy looking kitchen with large island and unique pendant lights

Last week we looked at timeless materials to include in your home design. These are materials like marble countertops or hardwood floors that have been staples in home design for decades – even centuries.

However, you should also include trendy finishes to add some personality to your space.

Remodeling a space that is based solely on today’s trends will leave you looking dated and out of style in a matter of years. Mixing timeless and trendy components into your remodel is a good way to avoid having to complete a full remodel every couple of years while still having a space that reflects today’s styles and your personality.

Who Decides Home Design Trends?

Studying where design trends come from is really interesting. Home design trends are based largely on what’s happening in the world around us. Look at events like recessions, natural disasters, and even popular vacation spots, and you can see where trends came from. 

Remember the Tuscan home trend that was all the rage in the early 2000s? Vacations to Italy were also at their peak during that period. Creating indoor-outdoor spaces became incredibly popular in 2020 when we were all stuck inside our homes and desperately wanted to travel.

What Trendy Pieces Should Be Included in a Remodel?

When deciding where to incorporate trendy design pieces, think of areas that are easy to change. These areas can act like the accessories in your design and stand out from the simple, timeless base that you created. These areas can be based on what’s “in” or just something you like, regardless of today’s trends. 

Black, white, and grey tiles placed in a herringbone pattern create a trendy backsplash in this modern kitchen


A kitchen backsplash is a great place to get trendy. While it isn’t easy to tear one out and install a new one, it is much easier than going through a complete kitchen renovation.

Ten years ago, porcelain subway tiles with a strip of colorful mosaic tiles to add some “bling” were in every kitchen. Today, bold geometric tiles rule the backsplash trends. We’re excited to see what the next trend will be!

Modern light fixtures mix trendy with timeless materials to create a beautiful kitchen


Lighting is another area where trends move quickly. Lighting sets the mood in a space and can define the style of the room. Today, large abstract chandeliers and pendants have replaced track lighting and mini chandeliers that were fashionable a decade ago. We can help you find the perfect lighting to complete your new space.


The small finishing touches in your home are great places to get trendy. Remember when crystal door pulls with chrome faucets were the epitome of class? They’ve been replaced with sleek, matte black hardware completed by abstract faucets that are being added to bathrooms and kitchens. These seemingly small details tie a space together and make it look either trendy or out of style. What trendy pieces do you want to include in your home? We can make it happen! Let’s discuss your project and strategize how to incorporate today’s trends.

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