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Ideas for A Study Room (or Library)

Addition of a home library

Years ago, creating a library, den, or study in your home was all the rage. Now, home theaters and game rooms have taken their place. But aren’t we ready to see a revival of the home library?

A study room in your home can be a comfortable place where you can read, work, or entertain guests. Here are a couple of ideas on what you’ll need to turn an unused game room, guest room, or otherwise unused space into a study room or library:


Installing built-ins is a no-brainer since an in-home library needs to have floor-to-ceiling shelves. If you don’t have enough books to fill the shelves, don’t worry! Built-in shelves aren’t just for books; you can display artwork, family portraits, and collectibles as well.

Built-ins can be painted any color you desire, but bright whites, natural woods, or dark colors like navy blue or black are excellent choices.

Study room with built-in dark wood shelves.

Rich Finishes

For a real home library vibe, you want the room to be a comfortable retreat in your house but still, a little more dressed up than the other rooms. We could install dark hardwood floors for a traditional look or patterned tiles to give the room some personality, with a rug to compliment.

Crown molding is a must if you’re trying to dress up a room and will make the space look larger and more put together. We could also set up a small wet bar in your study where you can display, store, and wash your scotch or wine glasses.

Private Space

Your den should be a space where all of your family is welcome but can also be closed off if you need some quiet time. We can install large, glass french doors for a dramatic look or a large sliding barn door if you prefer some extra privacy.

Home library with a secret passage to an office space.


The key to good lighting in your study room is to have the ability to set different lighting scenes to match your mood or activity. Of course, you’ll need all-over lighting, which will allow you to see and safely move around. You could also have task lighting, which gives more light to specific spaces like the reading corner for when you want to curl up with a book.

If you have fine art pieces in the space, you’ll want them to have their own lighting to highlight them. We’d also suggest making the lighting dimmable so you can create different moods.

Natural Light

While moody, dimmable lighting is needed for an evening in the study, bright, natural light is needed during the day. The natural light will look great and boost your mood.

We could install huge picture windows that can serve as a focal point and a functional way to bring light into the home. We could also install a skylight, so you bring light in from up above to fill the space. 

If you’d like help transforming an unused space in your home into a comfortable but classy library, den, or study, we would be happy to help out. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation in home consultation so we can get started.

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