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Ideas to Transform Your Garage

Garages can be for more than parking a car. If you have a garage space that isn’t getting used, you could convert that space into something more useful. If you’d like to maximize your space but aren’t exactly sure how to use it, we have some ideas for you.

Car Lift

If you’re a car collector, installing a car lift would allow you to park two vehicles in one space. In a two-car garage, that will give you room for a third car, storage, workshop, or any other way to use your garage space.

All you need for a car lift is a high enough ceiling, and you’ll be able to “stack” your collector car up and out of the way.

Professional-Grade Wood Shop

A garage is a perfect spot to build a woodshop. The big, open space has more than enough room to store all of your tools while being able to spread out and get to work. 

You’ll need to install a workbench, lumber rack, and shelves for storing your tools. There’s also plenty of space to strategically keep your miter saw and table saw so that you have enough space to use them without feeling cramped.

Another must-have for a woodshop is a dust collection system. Without it, your woodshop could become a health and fire hazard. There are different-sized dust collection systems that we could install in your woodshop, depending on how large your shop is.

Weight Room

The garage could be an excellent space to build a weight room that rivals any world-class gym. 

To start, you could install rubberized flooring that will protect the concrete below should you ever drop a weight. Rubberized floors are also easier on your joints.

Full-length mirrors can be installed on one wall, with all of your workout equipment, like a weight rack, cardio equipment, and workout benches, will be strategically placed around the room. 

We could also install a sound system in your garage weight room to play your favorite songs to hype you up during your workout. A heating and cooling system should also be installed to keep you somewhat comfortable when the temperatures get too high or low.

Home Office

If you are working from home for the foreseeable future, you may want to consider transforming your garage into a home office.

You could even build a space above the garage that is separate from the house to maximize space and help you get your mindset right while you work.

We could outfit your garage home office with enough space for your desk as well as a small kitchenette and break area. Depending on your line of work, we can also include storage for supplies, products, technology and inventory.

Having this separate space will make you feel like you’re going to work and hopefully make you forget about the distractions that come along with working from home. 

Guest Space

There is more than enough space in your garage to create an amazing guest space. We could make this space complete with a bedroom and private bathroom. This guest space would have an entrance separate from the main house to ensure privacy for your guests. Whatever your vision is for a killer garage space, we are here to do the heavy lifting. Give us a call to get the project started.

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