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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for (the rest of) 2022

Kitchen remodel in industrial-style with bold colors and recalimed wood shelves

Kitchens used to just be a place to make a meal. However, times have changed. Now, the kitchen is a gathering place for the entire family and a focal point of the home.

Since the kitchen is such a big part of your home’s overall look and feel, it’s wise to keep up on current trends. Let’s talk about what we’re seeing in kitchen remodeling trends for the rest of 2022.

Bold Colors

The all-white kitchen is getting pushed aside for bold, dark colors. We are seeing more homeowners ask for dark blues, greens, or black when it comes to their cabinets. The darker hues give the kitchen a more sophisticated appearance, especially when they’re paired with reclaimed wood accents that are also surging in popularity.

Granite Is Still In

Granite has been a longtime favorite when it comes to countertops, with quartz and marble not far behind. What is different is that the slabs homeowners choose have more veins and detail than the plain colored countertops we’ve used in recent years. Carrying the countertops up to the backsplash is also growing in popularity as opposed to tiled backsplashes. 

The Timeless Favorite

No surprise here, but wood floors are still in style when it comes to kitchen flooring. Rich, dark wood that compliments the darker color schemes is being used in the kitchen. Not too far behind in flooring trends are ceramic tiles, especially ceramic tile that looks like wood. Ceramic tiles can be easier to clean and maintain than wood, which could be the reason for their increase in popularity.

Modern kitchen with a large island and a smart refrigerator represents current kitchen remodeling trends.

Kitchens Are Getting Smarter

Kitchen technology has come a very long way in recent years. All current kitchen remodeling trends include at least some smart appliances and technology. Today’s refrigerators can store recipes and create grocery lists that the entire family can add to. Instead of stainless steel, many homeowners have purchased matte black refrigerators that blend in a bit better.

Ovens have also been improved to make cooking easier. You now have the capability to preheat your oven with the help of an app. Best of all, new ovens can preheat up to three times faster than before. Ovens also have cameras so you can peek at your meal or baked goods to ensure nothing is getting burned. Ovens can store cooking time and temperature information so you can perfectly replicate the meal over and over.

Lastly, the latest kitchen remodeling trends in faucets are upgrading to voice-activated models. This will prevent germs from spreading, which we know is ultra important these days. You can also tell the faucet how much water you need to pour and at what temperature. It’s pretty incredible.


Mismatched metals and finishes are making their way into the kitchen. For example, brass door pulls, and black light fixtures are a great way to incorporate this trend. These seemingly small details add a ton of character to the kitchen and is a nice change from the super matchy-matchy kitchens we’ve gotten used to.

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