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Lessons You’ll Learn During Your Home Remodel

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Taking on a major home renovation can be a rollercoaster. While there’s no doubt that you’ll love our finished product, getting there can take time and patience.

But the good news is, you’ll learn a few things in the process. Here are just a few lessons you’ll learn during your home remodel.

New Favorite Restaurants

Are you doing a kitchen remodel? Chances are you’ll be getting to know your local eateries very well since a kitchen remodel can take several weeks, or longer depending on the complexity of the remodel.

The good news is, you might pick up some new copycat recipes to try once your kitchen is finished!

You’ll Make New Friends

During a remodeling project, you’ll have several subcontractors coming in to work. Get to know them! We work with only the best, most professional crews in the area.

They may have early start times or have to stay late, so it will make things much less awkward if you know their names and feel comfortable around them and them with you.

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How to Make Lots of Choices

You will have to choose and replace things in the home you have probably never noticed! Of course, large items will be fun to choose, like your flooring or appliances.

On the other hand, you’ll have to figure out which shade of white will be best on your new baseboards and which light switch will tie the room together. All of the options may become overwhelming, so try to keep calm.

Best of all, we can guide you through the decision process and take some of the burden off you.

How Your Home Was Built

During your home remodel, you’ll learn about the level of craftsmanship your home was built, which can be pretty interesting! There are different styles, and the era your home was built in plays a role too.

We can show you what the original builder did well, and where they might have cut corners. And in the process, we’ll shore up any issues to make sure your home is solid as they come.

Become a Budgeting Expert

It will be really easy to go over budget if you aren’t careful. You may need to give a little extra money to one area while cutting back a little on another to make things work. If you can stick to your budget during a major home remodel, it is safe to say you can stick to anything!

How to Roll With It

Do you like surprises? A home remodel almost always comes with some sort of surprise. We could find a wet spot when we remove your existing flooring indicating some sort of slab leak. Or maybe we discover mold when we cut into a wall which will need to be taken care of immediately. 

These situations will need to be remedied before we can move on, and you’ll have to try to go with the flow. Remember that in the end, what you don’t know can hurt you, so uncovering surprises is actually a good thing.

You’ll Increase Your Vocabulary

Conduit, balusters, fascia. Do these words mean anything to you? They might by the time your remodel is complete! When you come across unfamiliar words or phrases, don’t be afraid to ask what they mean.

Sometimes we forget that not everyone talks about job doors or sheathing on a daily basis, and we’re happy to explain.

Ready to get started on your home remodel? We are here to help!

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