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Level Up Your Master Closet

Walk-in closet organized with shelves, drawers, and hanging bars

The walk-in closet didn’t become popular until the late 1980s, but now homes have walk-in closets larger than many bedrooms.

While large closets are a feature in many homes, they aren’t always as spacious, organized and efficient as they could be. If you have a large master closet, but you feel like it isn’t being used as it should be, here are some ideas on how to level up your master closet.

Give Yourself Enough Closet Space

The ideal walk-in closet for two is 10 by 10, which will give you enough wall space for shelves, cubbies, a full-length mirror, and room to get dressed. Depending on how you arrange it, a 10 by 10 space may also give you enough room to have a small seating area where you can put on your shoes or fold laundry.

Within the space, you will want to make sure there is enough room to hang all your clothes, neatly store your shoes, as well as a space for jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and whatever else you decide to keep in your closet.

Something that has become very popular is a center dresser where you can keep undergarments and other items. Don’t be afraid to install a custom piece here that you wouldn’t expect to see in a closet. The master closet of today is just as much about style as it is function.

Personalize Your Closet

Design a closet that works for you and your needs. For example, if you wear a lot of long dresses or coats, you may want to install a taller rack that takes up most of one of the walls.

However, if you don’t need the extra hanging space, you may want to consider shelving instead to fold and display items like jeans or t-shirts.

Something else you may want to think about is including custom lighting in your master closet.

This lighting should be bright enough for you to be able to see what you’re wearing – nobody likes to get dressed in the dark, after all. 

Make Your Closet a Space Your Love

Don’t just think of your closet as a place to store your shoes and clothes, make it a room you enjoy. Think of it like decorating any other room in your home.

Decide on the main color scheme and go from there. You can include wallpaper, a chandelier, and an upholstered seating area to start. If you have a luxury handbag collection, or something similar, you can create a space to showcase them, so they aren’t just hidden away for the few times a year you decide to use them.

It is also fun to include artwork or photography on some of the shelves to make your closet feel like another usable area in the home that reflects your style.

Work With What Space You Have

If a spacious walk-in closet is not something that can be done in your home, that’s okay! The key here is making the most of what you have.

You should add shelves and cubbies to store your belongings. It’s also a good idea to get rid of or donate items that haven’t been used so that precious space isn’t being used up. If you have more questions or need help designing and installing a master walk-in closet, we are here to help.

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