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Need More Space? Consider A Loft

Loft space above apartment kitchen

A loft is an excellent addition to a home that needs some extra space. A loft is a large, open space at the top of the stairs and can be added to a home that has tall ceilings or an angled roof.

It can also be built onto a home – but that does take more work and planning. If you’re thinking of adding a loft – or if you already have one and you’re not sure how to use it – here are some ideas:

Home Office

If you’re still working from home, it’s time to move the computer off of your dinner table and into your loft. Even though lofts are open-concept spaces, they can be designed with privacy in mind. You’ll be able to go upstairs and away from the rest of the home to “go to work.”

You’ll want your home office loft to have plenty of natural light to help you stay motivated and productive. You should also have desk space and a separate seating area where you can stretch out during break time.


If you have young kids in the house, you know how quickly their toys take over the home. Using your loft as a designated playroom will allow you to confine all of your kids’ toys into one space and will make it easier to keep the rest of your home clean and clutter-free. 

Game Room

Use your loft as a game room if you have older kids or just want a place where you can have some fun. You could have an air hockey table or put up some tv screens and turn the space into a video game room. You could get vintage arcade games and like a pinball machine if you’re looking for a piece of nostalgia. 

You could also turn the loft into a pool hall. You’ll need a pool table, of course, and you can also bring in some pub-style tables and chairs along with a mini fridge to hold some beverages. Whatever you choose, the loft will be a place where you can hang out and have some fun.

Art Studio

Do you enjoy painting, sculpting, or sketching? Having a space that’s dedicated to your hobby will make it even more enjoyable. The loft can act as a quiet spot away from the rest of your home where you can enjoy some “me time.”

You can include built-in storage to store all of your supplies. The flooring can be a splatter-friendly material like vinyl or ceramic tile. 


Using the loft as a library is another great use of space. You can install a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that will be the envy of every bookworm. Your library can also have big, comfy chairs for you to sit in while you enjoy your latest read.  Ready to add a loft to your home? Give us a call. We help you find a suitable space in your home to add on to and create a loft that frees up more space in your home.

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