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Preparing For Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel in progress, with cabinets and tools around.

Kitchen remodels are not for the faint of heart. In addition to having strangers in your home, tearing it apart, and putting it back together, you also won’t have a fully functioning kitchen. Depending on the complexity of your project, we could be working on your home for months.

The kitchen remodeling process may be inconvenient, but with some prep work, you will make it through. These are our best tips to prepare for and survive a kitchen remodel.

Take Time to Unload

Before we get to work, you’ll have to clear out your cabinets and possibly your pantry. This is the perfect time to take inventory and get rid of items you no longer use. 

While cleaning out your kitchen, think about items you will want to use during the remodel and those that can be packed away. Maybe your nice serving platters can be packed up in boxes that won’t be easily able to access, but you’ll want your dinner plates and silverware. Pack and store them in different areas to keep as much order as possible.

Temporary kitchen being used while kitchen remodel is taking place.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Possibly the best tip we can give you is to set up a temporary kitchen in a different part of your home. Going out for every meal can get old, so you will want to be able to cook some meals at home, even if they are really simple.

It’s best if your temporary kitchen is a space that is not used all the time, so perhaps a formal dining area. You can either move your refrigerator or purchase a mini fridge to use in this space for the time being. You can also set up a coffee bar, microwave, toaster, slow cooker, and portable cooktop to prepare simple meals. 

Cook and Freeze

If you’re ambitious, you can cook your favorite meals ahead of time and freeze them. Meals like lasagna, soups, and stews are meals you can make in large quantities, put in containers, and heat up in your microwave during the remodel. This will allow you to have healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals with little effort while your home is in a state of disarray.

Keep Your Family Safe

If you have young kids, make sure they are aware of what will be happening in your home during the remodel. Not only will there be a lot of unfamiliar faces coming and going, but there will also be loud sounds and heavy tools being used.

Make sure your kids know to stay away from the construction, so they don’t get hurt. If possible, block off the area as much as you can.

Little girls swimming on vacation while kitchen remodel is going on at home.

Get Out of Town

If you can, plan a few trips out of town during the remodel. Suppose you aren’t able to travel far. In that case, you could even break up the remodel by having a staycation at a nearby Airbnb, which will give you a change of scenery and a sense of normalcy.

Remember, this inconvenience won’t last forever. Try to keep your eyes on the prize! Once we’re finished, you will have the kitchen of your dreams that you’ll want to show off to all your friends and family.

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