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The Benefits of Natural Wood Finishes (Besides Great Looks)

Kitchen with lots of natural wood

From wood beams in the ceiling to wooden countertops, having the natural element in the home has been popular for years. But did you know that having wood finishes is actually good for your health? 

Researchers have discovered that having wood inside the home or workplace has multiple health benefits. So, if you’re thinking about adding touches of wood to your indoor space, here are some reasons to do so now:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety and Increases Productivity

If you’re working from home, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. 

While it won’t take all of your troubles away, adding some wood to your home office can reduce stress and anxiety. Not only will your stress levels be reduced, but having wood finishes in your office will also increase productivity and your ability to concentrate.  

The body feels a sense of warmth and comfort when they see wood, so installing hardwood floors or live edge wood shelves in your home office is a great way to help calm your mind and body to help you get through a stressful workday. 

Office with natural wood finishes

Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies conducted in Norway, Japan, Canada, and Austria have proven that having wood finishes in the home can lower blood pressure. 

The study concluded that seeing the natural element gives the brain a feeling similar to being outdoors in nature which is good for the body and mind. Touching a wood surface also gives people a sense of safety, whereas touching plastic or stainless steel causes blood pressure to rise.

Installing wooden countertops in your kitchen would be a great place to test this theory. Feeling relaxed while you’re making dinner at the end of a long day will do wonders for your health. Plus, wooden countertops are a popular trend in kitchen design. 

Kitchen with dark natural wood cabinets and vent hood

Improves Air Quality

Including wood finishes in your home will also improve the air quality since the wood will moderate the humidity in the room. There are a number of health benefits associated with improving air quality, such as lowering the chance of stroke or heart disease.

Another way to incorporate more wood into your house in order to improve the air quality is by adding an accent wall. We can cover your entire wall with wood paneling to give it a rustic cabin feel. 

Installing the paneling halfway up the wall and then painting the wall in a bold color is another fun way to dress up a bare wall.

Wooden countertops in kitchen and wood walls in living space

It Looks Good

At the end of the day, you want your home to look good. With so many different finishes and ways to style wood, including things like wood cabinets, floors, or siding, will give your home a distinct element of style. 

Wood is exceptionally versatile and goes well with just about any paint color or other home furnishings you already have.  

We are glad to be of service if you’d like some help getting wood items installed in your home. Give us a call so we can get the project started!

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