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The true benefits of using design/build remodeling

Kitchen remodeling with design/build remodel

At T.W. Ellis we believe the design/build model is the best to remodel your home. It offers several advantages to you from a more efficient process to potential cost savings.

Design/build means the designer and remodeler are on the same team, working together to get you the best project. By working with a single team, you get many advantages over the traditional design/bid/build model of construction.

(While we believe the design/build model is the most efficient, we’re always willing to work with an outside architect of your choice as well.)  

Streamlined communication

With the design/build model, T.W. Ellis is your only point of contact and we’ll work with you throughout the project. The homeowner doesn’t have to act as an intermediary back and forth from architect to remodeler. We work with all of the parties working on your project to ensure seamless communication and take that stress away from the homeowner.

When the designers are part of the team, it makes it easier to make changes during the project as well. It’s a one-stop approach to construction.

Example of living area after design/build remodeling

More practical designs

Sharing knowledge between the remodeler and architect/designer results in well-thought-out designs that take practical considerations into account. Plans will be created with the knowledge and expertise T.W. Ellis has developed over nearly two decades in business.

We create plans to fit your budget, rather than try to fit construction costs into a set of existing plans. Discussing budget and costs during the design phase helps keep plans realistic, plus saves on adjustments and change orders along the way.


An integrated team helps us be more efficient, allowing us to deliver projects on time and on budget. Your T.W. Ellis team will manage construction from beginning to end, meaning a quicker process and less downtime. That single-team approach also means we can usually get your project done more quickly.


When you use a design/build firm, that company is responsible for all aspects of the project. There’s no finger-pointing or shifting the blame if something goes wrong. There’s a greater incentive for everyone involved to work to create an error-free project!


Based on our experience, all of these factors result in a better final product. A well-designed and well-built home is going to be better for the way you live and will be easier to sell when it comes time to move.

T.W. Ellis has been remodeling award-winning homes in Maryland with our design/build process since 2002. Our skilled designers can help you realize your dream kitchen, deck, addition or whatever renovation you need.

Contact T.W. Ellis today to discuss your next project!

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