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Transforming an Outdated Bathroom into a Master Suite

Vanity with separate sinks

You may be ready to take a functional space like your master bath and update it into a spa-like retreat encompassing more of your daily needs. In our fast paced lives, efficiency is key. Why not create a room that works beautifully with minimal effort? Remodeling your master bath can create a space to prepare for your hectic day, while setting a calm tone.

Separate and Dedicated Spaces 

A double vanity can work wonders for your relationship! A new master suite can improve ease of use for you and your partner. Even when morning schedules coincide, having a personal sink eliminates the struggle for space. Imagine not getting bogged down by one another’s toiletry items! The addition of a makeup vanity provides convenient storage for products, leaving countertops unencumbered. Dedicated spaces are timesavers, and preparing for a long workday, or an evening out, can feel relaxing rather than tedious or mundane. 

Storage Options Galore

Why go through the hassle of walking back into your bedroom to select an outfit for the day when you can have a walk-in closet added to your new suite? Streamline your bedroom by shifting the location of your closet space. Open up the master bath suite to create a customized walk-in closet. 

There are more, often untapped, bathroom storage options available as possible additions, such as linen cabinets. All your bedding and towels can be tucked out of sight, but easily accessible. Increasing usable storage space in your master suite frees spaces like bedrooms and hallways from storage overflow, and minimizes needless clutter.  

Beautiful Bathing that Saves Time and Space

A curbless shower is one of the newest luxury trends in bathroom updates and an elegant use of space in a master bath. There are a variety of design options available. A curbless shower transforms a dull bathroom fixture into the room’s centerpiece. Glass walls allow for natural light to expand throughout the suite, and showcases gorgeous tile work in your shower. Curbless showers dramatically reduce cleaning effort and time.

Another timesaver is a sizable shower, designed for two, with multiple showerheads. The functionality of your new suite once more leaves annoying scheduling logistics out of the equation of your daily routine. 

Soaking tubs often rest against a feature wall, pairing aesthetics with compact size. At the end of a long workday, unwinding in your soaking tub is the height of enjoying your updated suite. From an outdated space with the bare necessities, to a sanctuary of ease and flow, updating a bathroom into a master suite provides an often-overlooked space with multifaceted form and seamless function. 

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