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Unique kitchen island designs

Do you feel like your current kitchen space is a little bit underwhelming? Maybe what you need is a unique and possibly over-the-top kitchen island to liven up the room.

Kitchen islands can be more than just a rectangular centerpiece in your kitchen. New trends are allowing homeowners to get very creative with their island. If you think your kitchen is in need of something out of the ordinary, we have some exciting ideas for you.

Maybe some of these ideas will not suit your style, but at the very least, they’ll give you some creative inspiration!


A triangular island is an excellent choice for a smaller kitchen or one that may be positioned strangely. The three sides will allow for more seating since you can use two sides for seating, while the third will be used for the host to prepare food closer to the stove and refrigerator.

A triangular space will also give you the opportunity to create more functional storage set up with more shallow cabinets that will make your items easier to access than in a rectangular island.


Who says your island needs straight lines and right angles? You can incorporate curved edges to your island to create a dramatic look.

An island that curves on one side provides a practical workflow on the “straight” side, but can even encourage conversation among people seated on the curved side.

Or you can go all out and have an island that’s a complete circle or oval shape. It may look like a giant banquet table in the center of your kitchen, but it will draw all eyes into your kitchen. A round island will make entertaining easy and will provide plenty of space.

Plus, with a round island, you have the opportunity to have a beautiful centerpiece surrounded by all the appetizers and goodies you’ll serve your guests before dinner. 

Including a circular island will give the space a dramatic look, and to maximize that drama, you should include an ornate chandelier over the center of the island.


The two-tiered island used to be all the rage, but instead of stopping at two tiers, why not have an island with three or four? It may sound a little wacky, but this could be a really functional space.

Having multiple tiers can allow you to have a space for the little ones without worrying that they’ll fall off the tall bar stools that are used for a taller island. It also allows you to hide your kitchen mess by blocking it with one of the raised levels.

You could also incorporate more of a dining space alongside the typical island with a multi-tiered island. This would help make the most of a home that does not have a designated dining room.

Stick With The Classic

A nice, large, rectangular island is still the dream feature many homeowners want. You can still make a rectangular island look unique by wrapping it with shiplap, adding tile to the base, or just painting it in an unexpected paint color.

Hanging pendant lights or canned lighting over the island to make the kitchen look bright and airy is also a popular idea and will give your island the spotlight it deserves.

Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re looking for a functional space or something for all your friends to rave about, we are here to get the job done.

We can help with everything from the design to the installation of your kitchen island. 

Give us a call or send us a message so we can get a plan together.

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