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What Are The Hottest Kitchen Backsplash Trends of 2021?

Contractor installing kitchen backsplash tiles

There is no better way to brighten up a kitchen than with a new kitchen backsplash.

Backsplashes are fun and also functional, they protect your walls from splattering grease or sauces from your cooktop. It used to be that large white or gray subway tiles were all the rage, but now, in 2021 we are seeing more color being used in this area.

You have a huge variety of textures, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from to transform an otherwise boring space into a vibrant area reflective of your personal style.

Below is a list of the hottest kitchen backsplash trends taking over kitchens in 2021.

Natural Stone

Serene, tranquil looking natural stone is making a comeback! It’s a great choice if you’re into the earthy look, and it provides a warm beauty and texture to any kitchen.

It can be challenging to clean, you may want to use a more low-maintenance material near your stove. But, if you’re able to put in the love, stone can give your space a rustic feel and is long-lasting.

Backsplash in Blues

Bright blue statement-making tiles are very popular this year. Blue is a very versatile color and can go with just about any color cabinetry and countertop combination.

Depending on your decorative style, you could use subway tiles for a traditional feel, large glass tiles to brighten up an otherwise outdated space, arabesque tiles to give the space a more worldly feel, or small blue mosaic tiles to really make the room pop.

Marble Tile

Another versatile option is marble. Marble will give your kitchen a classy, sophisticated look.  You can opt for one large slate of marble or smaller tiles, depending on your preference.

Another word of warning. Marble is definitely an upscale option, and it needs to be sealed every year or two to keep from staining. But its beauty is unmatched and it can completely transform your kitchen into the most elegant room in your home.

Modern farmhouse kitchen with marble tile backsplash

Mirror Tile Backsplash

Mirror tiles are a great option in kitchens that are on the smaller side. These tiles will make your entire space look lighter and brighter, offering a truly dazzling look.

Just like a regular mirror, they are fragile and they show spots, so you’ll need to be diligent. But they do clean easily and are impervious to pesky grease and tomato sauce splatters.

Mosaic Tiles

If you’d like something other than regular, rectangular tiles, mosaic tiles are a great choice.  There are tons of options when it comes to mosaics.

Mosaics can be made in many different materials.  Stone or tile can be broken up and we will piece it back together into a pattern to look like anything you want – from a sunrise to a flower to an ocean scene. You can also choose a more traditional, geometric pattern depending on how daring you feel like making your backsplash. Going with mosaic will be sure to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind backsplash.

Gemstone Backsplash

A gemstone backsplash Is another unique, and high-end-looking choice for your kitchen’s backsplash.

This brightly colored option is easy to clean and also heat resistant which makes it an excellent choice. It is another upscale option, but its gorgeous appearance and easy clean-up make it worth every penny.

Which Will You Choose? Backsplashes are a ton of fun! The hardest part is deciding on the style.  When you are ready to update your kitchen and get a new look, give us a call. We can help you get the look you’re after and make sure your kitchen functions the way you need.

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