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Farmhouse Remodel and Second Story Addition

The clients loved their home in Baltimore but needed to add more space without changing the existing footprint. They contacted T.W. Ellis, who provided a creative way to redesign the first floor as well as extend the second floor to accommodate all of the clients wishes.

Completing the remodel of this 1920s farmhouse provided the owners with an open professional-style kitchen, a spacious master suite on the second floor, and a number of other benefits while retaining as much of the original home as possible. It also earned T.W. Ellis the 2016 Award of Excellence.

Since this client does a lot of cooking, backing, and canning as well as family entertaining, what they needed was a spacious and open kitchen. They also needed a quiet place to retire to at the end of the day. T.W. Ellis was able to relocate the first floor powder room to a more convenient location, create the open and functional kitchen, add the second floor master suite and construct a beautiful deck for friends and family.

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