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Illustration depicting remodeling your home for resale

Should You Remodel for Resale or Personal Preferences?

There’s been a lot of discussion on social media about whether you should remodel your home with resale in mind or if creating a highly personalized, unique space is okay. Opinions are very divided, so we thought we’d weigh in. We have helped our clients create personalized spaces designed to suit their lifestyles, as well […]

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Carpenters adding on to the end of an exisiting home

Running Out of Space? Try Adding On

Do you love your home but need more space? You may have a relative who needs a place to live. Perhaps you’re working from home and need an office space, but your home doesn’t have one. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying a new home and moving, so what can you […]

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High angle view of a man cooking meat on a gas BBQ standing in the sunshine on a paved outdoor patio at the summer kitchen preparing for guests with a table and chairs with a garden umbrella alongside

What You Should Know About Outdoor Kitchens & Dining Spaces

It used to be that a grill and some lawn chairs were all we needed for a summertime get-together, but times have changed. Now, outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity, and they are becoming more and more extravagant. These spaces may even be nicer than the main kitchen inside the home! A high-end grill, stainless […]

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Living room with light blue walls and white trim containing some chairs and a TV

How To Add Color To Your Home Renovation

If you’ve been staying on top of home design trends, you’ve likely noticed that the white and beige color schemes that everyone has been swooning over the past few years have suddenly been replaced by bright colors. This sudden and very drastic switch may come as a surprise, and if you’re planning to remodel your […]

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Laundry room with light blue and gray cabinets with beautiful view out oversized windows

4 Ideas to Make Over Your Laundry Room

We are willing to bet that laundry is pretty low on your “preferred ways to spend an afternoon” list. We don’t blame you! But that doesn’t mean that your laundry room should be neglected. Sprucing up your laundry area might trick you into enjoying washing and folding. Here are a few ideas on how to […]

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Contractor cutting board with miter saw

How You Can Be Green When Renovating

There are so many factors to think about when undergoing a remodel. Of course, you’ve probably figured out a color scheme and what type of appliances you’d like to include in your new space, but there is something else you should consider. First, you may be wondering what a green home is. Basically, it is […]

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