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Renovated bathroom with recalimed wood

The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

As a Master Certified Green Professional company, we always look for sustainable building solutions and materials. One material we like to use in our projects is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has been previously used and has since been repurposed. It can come from places like old barns or buildings and can be used for accent […]

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When building a deck like this, know the purpose it needs to fulfill

Think About These Before Building A Deck

Building a deck in your yard will provide extra space to entertain, relax, and maybe even cook a meal. It’s a quick and relatively easy way to elevate your outdoor living space while also improving the value of your home. However, you should consider a few things before starting the build process. Let’s look at […]

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Benefit of adding a deck to your home is the added space and reflected light.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Adding a Deck

If you’ve been dreaming of installing a deck in your backyard, you already know that a deck will increase your living space and be the new spot for summer get-togethers. But did you know there are plenty of other benefits of adding a deck to your home? Let’s take a look at some of the […]

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Modern fireplace as a statement piece with storage niches built into surrounding wall.

Add a statement piece to your home

Does it ever feel like something is missing from your home design? Do you like the way it looks for the most part, but it’s just missing a little bit of character? This is a common complaint we hear when talking to homeowners who want to remodel a space. Our answer to this is to […]

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Backyard Spaces for the Gardening Enthusiast

Gardening season is here! If you have a green thumb, you know that your garden isn’t just a place to grow some plants, it is a way of life and something that gives you tremendous joy. Beyond the beautiful blooms and fresh vegetables, the garden makes your backyard your sanctuary. But if you feel like […]

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Front of home exterior improvements after whole house remodel

3 Exterior Improvements to Make in 2024

Springtime is the perfect time to show your home’s exterior some love. Exterior improvements can not only make your home look better but could also boost its home value. Let’s look at some of the best exterior renovations you should consider this spring. Elevate your entry If you want to make a great first impression, […]

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