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modern bathroom with tile bathroom floor

Tile Trends to Help You Choose Bathroom Flooring

The right bathroom floor can add a new level of elegance. A change in flooring gives a room new life. The right tile can make your bathroom brighter, roomier, and safer. Before you speak with your contractor, let’s look at some options that can help your bathroom look its best.

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Benefits of Building a Deck onto a House

As a homeowner, it is natural to want to increase the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your home. In the state of Maryland, especially the greater Forest Hill & Bel Air areas, this involves both the inside and outside of the house. From increasing your kitchen size or making your living room homier, to sprucing […]

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Custom Showers: The Best Part of Your New Bathroom

Custom showers are a wonderful investment into your satisfaction with your bathroom. Nobody enjoys soaking in a too short tub—especially if it has to be cleaned beforehand because that’s where everyone in the family showers!

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bathroom storage vanity, makeup, granite

Bathroom Storage for a Streamlined Space

Aside from a too small bathroom, a big reason for a bathroom remodel is a lack of storage space. When there is not enough room for linens, hair appliances, and toiletries, we can quickly become frustrated. Bathroom storage is crucial to functionality, and it needs to be adequate. Here are some ideas for you to mull over before you call the contractor for your remodel.

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