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4 Home Design Trends Rarely Seen Anymore

Close up of hand touching soft carpet, a design trend seldom seen any longer

Home design trends move quickly, but recently, some items that were once considered staples are disappearing.

Fixtures and materials that were once touted as “timeless” have been replaced with more modern, durable, and interesting items. Let’s take a look at four things that have disappeared from homes.

Carpeting Throughout The House

Carpet used to be installed throughout the entire home but has slowly started to disappear. First, it was taken out of the bathrooms and replaced with tile. Then, it started getting torn out of dining and living spaces to make way for an easier-to-maintain material. Now, carpet is not even being used in the bedrooms!

Carpet isn’t exactly out of style, in fact, we have seen bold carpeting choices being highlighted on many design websites and television shows. However, homeowners are tired of frequently vacuuming and deep cleaning to keep their homes free of dust and germs. Plus, carpeting can get worn out quickly in high-traffic areas and can be annoying to replace. Tile and hardwood flooring are becoming the more commonplace design trends in all areas of the house since they are cleaner and last longer.

Everything White Design Trend

For many years, everything from the walls to the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom tile was white. Homes looked clean and sterile, but they also felt like they were missing something.

Homeowners slowly started playing with pops of color and replacing their white subway tiles with brightly colored glass tiles or painting a small space in the home a vibrant color. Now, a pop of color is no longer enough. Bright, bold areas are very popular and something you should consider adding to your home.

Farmhouse Kitchens

The farmhouse kitchen has been incredibly popular for the last ten years. While many farmhouse kitchen features, like the large single basin sink, are very practical, the trend is no longer at the top of most people’s new kitchen wish lists. Instead of the farmhouse-style kitchen, we are seeing more modern and sleek kitchens.

Colorful blue or green cabinets are replacing the white shaker-style cabinets that have been staples in the kitchen for years. White subway tiles have been replaced by extending the same marble used on the countertops up the wall or by a more intricate glass tile. Overall, these new design trends make kitchens look less cluttered and create a more open and inviting space.

Accent walls, like the single green wall in this living room, are a design trend that is disappearing.

Bold Accent Walls

We mentioned “pops of color” before, and there is no better example than the accent wall. An accent wall was a wall that had a different color or texture than the rest of the room. It was intended to be the focal point in an otherwise plain room. Shiplap was a common material used on an accent wall to make a space feel more cozy, but it has since disappeared from the home.

Instead of an accent wall, use texture and color on all of the walls in a room. Dark, moody spaces where every wall and sometimes even the ceiling are being introduced to homes to create a dramatic effect. Wainscotting and other types of wall paneling are being installed on all four walls of a room instead of just one to make the space feel more cohesive. Do you need help updating your home? We are here to help. Let’s get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.

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