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Trendy looking kitchen with large island and unique pendant lights

How ‘Trendy’ Should You Get in Your Home Remodel?

Last week we looked at timeless materials to include in your home design. These are materials like marble countertops or hardwood floors that have been staples in home design for decades – even centuries. However, you should also include trendy finishes to add some personality to your space. Remodeling a space that is based solely […]

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Modern kitchen design with wood on countertops, built-in cabinets, and floor

Interior Design with Wood: Ways to Incorporate it

If there’s one material that will never go out of style, it is wood. Wood enriches a space by adding texture and character. It is also incredibly versatile – wood can be used in just about any style of home. Better yet, as long as sustainable harvesting practices are used, wood is a sustainable building […]

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Beautifully landscaped front porch and walkway with waterfall structure

How You Can Have A More “Earthy Home”

One of 2022’s most prominent home design trends was incorporating natural elements into your home to give it a warm, earthy feel. A home with fewer man-made products and more natural elements creates a warm, inviting, and calming space. Since it looks like the natural home trend is here to stay, we put together a […]

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Light stone fireplace design in a dark brown living room

Fireplace designs that give you a warm feeling

Fireplaces get a lot of attention during the winter months, and if you’ve noticed that yours isn’t making you feel warm and cozy anymore, it may be time for a remodel. Let’s look at some of the most popular fireplace trends heading into the new year. Minimalist Style Sometimes less is more! The minimalist trend […]

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Bathroom design for 2023 includes pastel color walls and unique tile work

Bathroom Design: What’s in for 2023?

2023 is knocking on the door, and it is bringing some new trends with it. Overall, we will continue shifting away from the modern, minimalist movement and venture into more colorful patterns and textures. Home design in 2023 will be all about creating spaces with personality, and the bathroom is a fun space to showcase […]

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What Kitchen Trends We Expect in 2023

Can you believe 2023 is right around the corner? Looking ahead to the new year, we think there will be some fun and exciting new trends in kitchen design. These new trends will be quite the change from the muted, understated kitchens that have been popular for years. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in […]

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