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How to Create a Work-From-Home Sanctuary

Making the switch from working in an office to working from your home can be tricky at first. But, if you do it right, working from home can increase your job performance and be more enjoyable than being stuck inside an office all day long.  And you can’t beat the commute! Since more and more […]

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How to Liven Up an All-White Kitchen

The all-white kitchen has been popular for years. But, as they say, even the best things must come to an end. Homeowners have started shifting from bright white cabinets, white subway tile backsplashes, and white marble countertops to more colorful options. If you’re looking for ideas on how to bring a little color into your […]

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Young woman holding color swatches, making decisions in remodeling

Lessons You’ll Learn During Your Home Remodel

Taking on a major home renovation can be a rollercoaster. While there’s no doubt that you’ll love our finished product, getting there can take time and patience. But the good news is, you’ll learn a few things in the process. Here are just a few lessons you’ll learn during your home remodel. New Favorite Restaurants […]

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Under stair storage drawers and cubbies

Clever Storage Solutions for Your Home

If you’ve lived in your house for any length of time, you have probably accumulated a lot of stuff.  The problem is, as you get more and more stuff, you have found yourself without space to store it. You don’t use it often, but you also don’t want to throw it out.  That’s where we […]

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