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Information you should know before, during, and after remodeling your home.

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

All this month on the T.W. Ellis blog we’ll be taking a look at ways you can improve your bathroom. This week, we have tips on choosing a bathroom vanity. Keep an eye out in future weeks for more bath topics! The right bathroom vanity can be the centerpiece of your bathroom. It needs to […]

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Time to replace roof

11 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shingled Roof

A failing, leaky roof is something nobody wants to deal with. Spotting the warning signs of a deteriorating roof can help you avoid a disaster. The best way to ensure your roof is sound is to work with a reputable, professional remodeler. As a homeowner, you may miss problems that a professional eye would not. […]

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Remodeling with pets in mind

Our focus this month on the T.W. Ellis blog is the steps to take before you get started on your remodel. So far, we’ve offered advice on preparing your home for your remodel, budgeting and why hiring a certified remodeler will help the project go more smoothly. Our final topic of the month is how […]

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6 tips for budgeting for your remodel

This month on the T.W. Ellis blog we’re talking about planning your remodel. In our previous post, we discussed how you can prep ahead of time for the disruption of a remodeling project “Prepping for your Remodeling Project.” This week, we’ve got advice on budgeting your remodel, with six tips on how to manage that […]

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