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Remodeled Master Bathroom

Adding a Master Suite on the Main Floor

One undeniable truth is that we’re all getting older, and many of the homes we remodel at T.W. Ellis are a reflection of that fact. Baby Boomers are living longer, and want to stay in their homes. Retirement for them doesn’t look the same as previous generations. And Generation X isn’t far behind them – […]

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Pros and cons of building out or building up?

Our last post talked about many homeowners finding the need for more space these days as they spend more time at home. Now that you’ve explored the pros and cons of moving vs. adding on to your existing home, it’s time to think about what that addition is going to look like. A common question […]

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Should you move or add on to your Maryland home?

Maybe spending more time at home the last several months has made you realize your family has outgrown your house. Whether it’s to make room for an additional family member, growing children or more stuff, you need more space. The big question, then, becomes do you buy a new home or add on to your […]

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Adding on with a bump-out addition

When a potential client contacts T.W. Ellis to talk about a remodeling project, their needs usually come down to a similar theme: they are looking to improve the livability of their home and make it their own. Through our design/build process, we work hard to ensure that every client gets exactly what they need. One […]

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