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What Kitchen Trends We Expect in 2023

Can you believe 2023 is right around the corner? Looking ahead to the new year, we think there will be some fun and exciting new trends in kitchen design. These new trends will be quite the change from the muted, understated kitchens that have been popular for years. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in […]

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How To Create A Luxury Kitchen In A Small Space

Are you dreaming of a luxury kitchen remodel but are afraid your space limitations won’t allow that to happen? We have good news for you – a luxury kitchen can be created in any space, big or small. Of course, with a smaller space, we will have to get a little bit more creative, but […]

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Prep kitchen where food is being prepared for serving

Prep Kitchens & Why You Need One

The kitchen is a gathering spot where friends and family mingle and hang out. Even while entertaining, we feel the need to keep our kitchen looking immaculate with no clutter on the counters or dishes in the sink, but that is quite challenging when you’re also trying to prepare a meal. The latest kitchen trend […]

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Old kitchen past it's prime days with old wooden cabinets and clutter everywhere

4 Signs Your Kitchen Is Past Its Prime

How do you know when it’s time to remodel your kitchen? For some people, it’s easy. But many others just get so used to their kitchens, the dated look, the inefficient layout, the compromises, that they don’t realize how much better things can be. If you’re one of those people, we can help. Here are […]

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Kitchen remodel in industrial-style with bold colors and recalimed wood shelves

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for (the rest of) 2022

Kitchens used to just be a place to make a meal. However, times have changed. Now, the kitchen is a gathering place for the entire family and a focal point of the home. Since the kitchen is such a big part of your home’s overall look and feel, it’s wise to keep up on current […]

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Kitchen remodel in progress, with cabinets and tools around.

Preparing For Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are not for the faint of heart. In addition to having strangers in your home, tearing it apart, and putting it back together, you also won’t have a fully functioning kitchen. Depending on the complexity of your project, we could be working on your home for months. The kitchen remodeling process may be […]

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