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The Pros & Cons of Open Shelves

One of the latest trends in the kitchen is to ditch the wall cabinets and install open shelving instead. The open shelves can open up a small space and give a distinctive look to just about any kitchen. Like most trends, some people adamantly oppose it. They say it looks messy or that it is […]

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Ideas to Transform Your Garage

Garages can be for more than parking a car. If you have a garage space that isn’t getting used, you could convert that space into something more useful. If you’d like to maximize your space but aren’t exactly sure how to use it, we have some ideas for you. Car Lift If you’re a car […]

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How to Create a Work-From-Home Sanctuary

Making the switch from working in an office to working from your home can be tricky at first. But, if you do it right, working from home can increase your job performance and be more enjoyable than being stuck inside an office all day long.  And you can’t beat the commute! Since more and more […]

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

There are so many choices to consider when remodeling a kitchen, like where to put the sink and what types of countertops do we want to get? But, some practical choices need to be made as well.  Before making a final decision on your new kitchen’s layout and what to put in it, you need […]

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