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Interesting articles and useful information about custom homes built by T.W. Ellis.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer for your Remodel

If you’re thinking about your next remodel, make sure you aren’t forgetting about the importance of design. The pre-construction planning process is crucial to a successful project. Without detailed, well-thought-out plans homeowners can find themselves with a remodel that doesn’t meet their needs and blows their budget. At T.W. Ellis, we think the best way […]

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Should you move or add on to your Maryland home?

Maybe spending more time at home the last several months has made you realize your family has outgrown your house. Whether it’s to make room for an additional family member, growing children or more stuff, you need more space. The big question, then, becomes do you buy a new home or add on to your […]

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Contractor Certifications: 4 Reasons They Make a Difference

When finding a builder, we always recommend working with a professional. One should have contractor certifications and also be a member of reputable building organizations.

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Use Space Creatively in Your Home

If there is one thing that everyone lacks at home it’s space! Today there are many articles on Houzz, Pinterest and Buzzfeed about how to maximize storage space, but there comes a point that you’ve tried all the hacks and just need more room. You could consider moving or building a larger home, but if […]

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