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modern bathroom with tile bathroom floor

Tile Trends to Help You Choose Bathroom Flooring

The right bathroom floor can add a new level of elegance. A change in flooring gives a room new life. The right tile can make your bathroom brighter, roomier, and safer. Before you speak with your contractor, let’s look at some options that can help your bathroom look its best.

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Grandfather playing with his grandson

CAPS Builders Keep You Safe in the Home You Love

There may be a moment where you have an accident at home: it is far too common. A slip in the bathtub or a fall down the stairs. Or maybe the steps to the porch are too steep or the hallway is too dark at night for safe trips to the bathroom? You might have […]

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What Does Accessible Bathroom Design Include?

These days accessible bathroom design is becoming more popular than ever before. Not only are more generations living under one roof, but aging in place specialists are helping younger clients plan for the possibility of future mobility issues in the household. If a member of the family has limited mobility or uses a wheelchair, accessible […]

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