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Beverage station built into this latest kitchen remodel by T.W. Ellis

Beverage Stations: Latest Kitchen Trend

If you’ve read any articles about the top kitchen design trends for 2024, you’ve likely seen something new: the beverage station. While the idea itself is not new, the beverage station has been in many houses for years, it is quickly becoming a household standard. So, if you’re wondering what a beverage station is and […]

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Close up of hand touching soft carpet, a design trend seldom seen any longer

4 Home Design Trends Rarely Seen Anymore

Home design trends move quickly, but recently, some items that were once considered staples are disappearing. Fixtures and materials that were once touted as “timeless” have been replaced with more modern, durable, and interesting items. Let’s take a look at four things that have disappeared from homes. Carpeting Throughout The House Carpet used to be […]

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For renovation ideas to end of the year, creating a modern wardrobe such as this is a wonder one.

Renovation Ideas for the End of the Year

2023 is quickly coming to an end and the holiday season can be a hectic time for many people. However, for contractors, it is usually the opposite. Many homeowners want to wait until after the holidays to start their home renovations, making spring a very busy time for most companies. If you’re ready to get […]

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Modern kitchen in a muted yellow wich is a 2024 color of the year choice

2024 Color of the Year Choices & Ways To Use Them in Your Home

It’s that time of year again – time for the major paint companies to announce their choices for color of the year! These colors are chosen based on what’s currently popular as well as forecasted trends for the upcoming year. Many of the major paint companies have already announced their color of the year for […]

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Annoyed mother wanting children to leave her alone

How to Create Private Spaces in Your Home

In today’s busy, stressful world, sometimes we need a little privacy. We need a place to sit in peace and quiet, out of sight, and without any additional noise. The problem is that many homes are built for everyone to gather together in large, open spaces without the need for some solo time. If your […]

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Laundry room with light blue and gray cabinets with beautiful view out oversized windows

4 Ideas to Make Over Your Laundry Room

We are willing to bet that laundry is pretty low on your “preferred ways to spend an afternoon” list. We don’t blame you! But that doesn’t mean that your laundry room should be neglected. Sprucing up your laundry area might trick you into enjoying washing and folding. Here are a few ideas on how to […]

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