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Bathroom design for 2023 includes pastel color walls and unique tile work

Bathroom Design: What’s in for 2023?

2023 is knocking on the door, and it is bringing some new trends with it. Overall, we will continue shifting away from the modern, minimalist movement and venture into more colorful patterns and textures. Home design in 2023 will be all about creating spaces with personality, and the bathroom is a fun space to showcase […]

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Luxury master suite with soaking tub and fireplace

4 Must-Haves for a Luxury Master Bedroom Suite

You spend so much time and attention on other areas of the home – now it’s time to do something for yourself. Let’s check out some must-haves when creating a luxury master bedroom suite. This space will be just for you and your significant other. It’s where you start and end your day, so it […]

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Luxury bathroom features including a soaking tub and separate shower

5 Must-have Features For Your Luxury Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be a place where you can relax in peace. This is a space where you can have some time alone to recharge after a busy day. In order to achieve the optimal level of relaxation, you need to include some features that are a little bit over the top. Here are […]

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Bathroom Tile Trends for 2022

Is your bathroom in need of a refresh? One thing you can’t do without is tile. Tile is used throughout the bathroom, but it can be hard to keep up with the current trends since there are so many choices. We put together a quick round-up of some of the bathroom tile trends we’re seeing […]

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Bathtubs As Centerpieces For Your Bathroom

Bathtubs are more than a nice spot to relax and soothe our tired bodies. They can also be a focal point of a bathroom. Sometimes, we actually design the rest of the bathroom around the tub. It can be a dramatic presence in the room, and there are many styles to choose from. If you’re […]

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Spa-like bathroom with soaking tub, walk-in shower, and beautiful custom tile

Do You Really Need to Keep Your Bathtub?

When planning bathroom remodels, one of the questions we get asked is if the tub is necessary. Taking baths used to be the preferred way to clean oneself. Now they are seen as a luxury item that is rarely used but still an expected fixture in a bathroom. If you’re trying to decide on including […]

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