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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer for your Remodel

If you’re thinking about your next remodel, make sure you aren’t forgetting about the importance of design. The pre-construction planning process is crucial to a successful project. Without detailed, well-thought-out plans homeowners can find themselves with a remodel that doesn’t meet their needs and blows their budget.

At T.W. Ellis, we think the best way to remodel your Maryland home is with a design/build remodeler, where the design and construction of your project is managed by one company. By working with a single team, you get many advantages over the traditional model of construction, including better communication, improved efficiency and higher-quality final product.

We’ll work with your outside architect as well, but the key goal is that you have a professional, practical design.

If a remodeler says they’ll work on your project without detailed plans, that should be a warning that they may not give your project the attention it deserves. These are five reasons you should work with a professional designer or architect for your remodel.

1. More Value for Your Money

You might pay extra to work with a designer up front, but there is cost savings in the long run. A skilled designer will help you make the most of your square footage, from taking advantage of passive energy to limiting the amount of wasted space.

A good set of plans also means fewer change orders or adjustments as the project progresses. These types of changes and delays all mean a higher final cost.

2. Good Investment in Your Home

A well-designed remodel or addition adds value to your home. We’ve all been in homes with poorly designed spaces or rooms that limit its functionality. Having an attractive, flexible, functional space will help when the time eventually comes to sell your home.

Roomy Kitchen with Island Bar

3. Higher Attention to Detail

Some contractors will work off incomplete plans or sketches – that just leads to problems as the project progresses. Plans should include precise measurements, product information and specific design choices. Without that, it will be difficult to determine exact costs or timeline for your project.

Making these decisions ahead of time means a smoother process.

4. Tricky Codes and Regulations

A qualified designer or architect is going to make sure your home is designed to meet all the applicable local, state and national building codes. This is required to get the necessary building permits (and almost every project requires permits, although some contractors will not get them). It will also help you pass any necessary post-project inspections.

Multi-storey house with wrap around porch

5. Designed Specifically for Your Life

You could work off of generic plans with a remodeler who focuses on cookie-cutter updates, but that will almost certainly leave you unhappy down the road.

On the other hand, a design/build remodeler like T.W. Ellis (or a designer or architect) is going to talk to you about your home and the way you live. We get to know you and your family and translate those needs into a design for a new deck, kitchen or addition that solves your specific issues.

Ready to work with a professional, experienced design and construction team? Contact T.W. Ellis today to discuss your remodeling needs!

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