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5 Signs It’s Time For A New Deck

removing splinter from foot standing on wooden boards

One of the best parts of summer is relaxing on your deck. It may feel like summer is a long way away, but it will be here before you know it.

In the meantime, now is the time to make sure your deck is in good condition. This way, you can replace or repair any damage during the cold winter months when the deck isn’t being used anyway.

How can you tell that your deck is in need of replacement? We put together a list of a few signs that it may be time for replacement:

You Have to Wear Shoes

Can you walk on your deck barefoot without getting splinters? If your deck has old, weathered wood that can cause injury, it’s time for a new deck.

Replacing your cracked and splintered deck with composite decking will help it last longer – and allow you to roam around without shoes. Composite decking comes in a variety of colors and is very durable, which means you won’t have to replace your deck again for a long time!

Your Grill Makes Your Deck Look Bad

One of the best ways to end the day is by grilling dinner out on the deck. But grills can take up a lot of room, and if your deck is in need of replacing, the clean, shiny grill might make the deck look even worse than it is.

Your new deck will take your summer cook outs to the next level! We can create a new deck with different zones for cooking, seating, and relaxing. This way, the grill won’t stand out or take up precious space.

Replacing handrails while installing a new deck

Loose Hand Railings Make Your Deck Feel Unsafe

Did you try to lean against the railing and almost fall off the edge? It could be time for a new deck.

Loose railing can sometimes signify a larger problem like wood rot or damage. It is also incredibly unsafe to have loose railings on your deck, especially if kids or pets will be spending time on it.

Your Deck Is Sagging

When you look at your deck from far away, you should see one level surface. If you see that there are dips and sagging spots, it’s time for a new deck.

Sagging can be caused by a number of things; wood rot, termites, or substructure damage under the deck. We can remove the old, saggy deck and replace it with something more durable and safe.

family playing in yard with small charcoal grill in grass

You Don’t Have a Deck

The best way to know if you need a new deck is that you don’t have one! If this is you, don’t worry – we can help. You have a clean slate and can do just about anything you want.

We will look at how much space we can work with and discuss your wants and needs. Will you be entertaining friends and family? Will there be kids running around on the deck? Will your deck be used for lounging around? Whatever your plans are, we will make them a reality! Give us a call to get started.

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