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5 Ways to Achieve A Modern Living Room

Is your living room looking a little bit dated, and no matter what furniture you buy or art you hang up, it just doesn’t look right?

Even though we spend a lot of time in our living rooms, they can be forgotten when it comes to renovations. If you’re wondering how to bring your living room into 2023, these are some of the areas you should focus on:


There’s a good chance that your fireplace is the culprit for your outdated living room. Fireplace trends have changed significantly in the last decade, so a fireplace renovation may be exactly what you need.

Minimalist fireplaces are very trendy. With this style, you would have a simple fireplace that blends into the wall allowing the flames to be the center of attention. On the other end of the spectrum, you could do a luxury marble fireplace. This type of fireplace is made to stand out and will give your living room a feeling of elegance.


If you have carpet in your living room, you may want to remove it. Twenty years ago, carpet was in every space imaginable in the home. Today, homeowners are going with wood or tile flooring instead.

Today’s most popular flooring options in living rooms are hardwood, especially wide-planked or bleached wood. These flooring types will give your living room a nice base to build and design around. Another new trend is using large concrete tiles to create a clean, modern space.

Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

Add Windows

Adding more windows is a great way to make your living room look more modern. If you can, large, floor-to-ceiling windows will make your room look brand new. The natural light will make your living room appear larger and will also allow you to bring the outside in since you’ll have views of your yard.  

Semi-Open Concept

The open-concept living room has been the trend for years, but many have realized there are more practical living solutions. Defining spaces in your living area will be functional while also making it look more modern.

Fireplaces can act as room dividers and add a nice design element to a space. You can have a cozy living room on one side and a dining area on the other. If you don’t want to add a fireplace, just a simple beam will give you the same idea. 


Remember to include your ceilings in your design! Wood ceilings are very popular and can work well with any style. Another option is adding wallpaper to the ceiling and accenting it with a unique light fixture. This will add color to your space and allow you to have a more toned-down design elsewhere in the room. If you’d like a new living room for the new year, we are here to help! Give us a call so we can discuss your wants and needs. Let’s get started!

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