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Backyard Spaces for the Gardening Enthusiast

Gardening season is here! If you have a green thumb, you know that your garden isn’t just a place to grow some plants, it is a way of life and something that gives you tremendous joy.

Beyond the beautiful blooms and fresh vegetables, the garden makes your backyard your sanctuary. But if you feel like something might be missing from this space, we have some ideas on how to elevate your backyard garden and create a space the entire family will love to hang out in!

Potting Shed

If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’ve probably collected a lot of tools and materials. If you find these necessary objects are taking up too much space or are hard to keep organized, you should consider adding a potting shed to your garden.

Potting sheds don’t have to be large, a simple wooden shed is all you need. This space should have hooks and shelves to store all of your garden belongings and a bench where you can plant plants or start your seeds.

The potting shed can also add a ton of character to your garden space. You can design it to look like a cute countryside cottage or a more modern one with a metal roof and plenty of windows.

Seating Area

After all the hard work you’ve put into your garden, you want to have a place to sit and enjoy the beauty you’ve created. Finding an empty backyard space might be challenging, but this seating area doesn’t have to be huge – just enough space to place a table and chairs and maybe a water feature to add to the serenity of your garden.

To create your seating area, we could install flooring like brick pavers or travertine. Depending on your preference, you could include a large outdoor dining table or install bench seating where you can lounge around and sip a cool drink. Including a pergola is another great idea that will add to the appearance of the space and help block a little bit of the sun.

Woman standing in her outdoor kitchen backyard space cleaning fresh vegetables

Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to enjoy your vegetable garden than with an outdoor kitchen? Instead of hauling your harvest inside, you can prepare a meal outdoors and enjoy a meal al fresco. The outdoor kitchen is something that has become very popular since it is so useful in the warm summer months when you don’t want to heat up the house while cooking.

Your outdoor kitchen should include a grill, sink, plenty of counter space to cut up those fresh veggies, a small refrigerator to store drinks, and storage for dishes and serving ware. Ideally, the outdoor kitchen will be close to the seating area or even an extension of it. Creating areas like a potting shed, outdoor kitchen, and a seating area will elevate the way your backyard space looks while allowing you to spend even more time in your garden. If you’d like some help or need more ideas of how you can create a backyard oasis, give us a call!

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