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Contractor Certifications: 4 Reasons They Make a Difference

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The opportunity to build or remodel your own home is something every homeowner should cherish. It’s the best way to have the home of your dreams and customized to your desires. When finding a remodeler or builder, we always recommend working with a professional. One should have contractor certifications and also be a member of reputable building organizations. Many homeowners wind up working with someone who is not certified and that can turn out disastrous. Here are four reasons you should focus on the professional with contractor certifications.

You Wouldn’t Ask the Neighbor to Perform a Root Canal

There are many things we need done in life that we won’t ask the average Joe to do. When you need help with taxes, you go to certified professionals. Need a root canal or surgery? You will seek a medical professional. The same rule should apply for the person remodeling or building your home. Your neighbor’s second cousin might be great at bricklaying but if it’s a hobby, your home could be in trouble. Always look for those contractor certifications. Unsure of what kind of certifications to look for? Keep reading as we discuss those options.

The Green Builder Provides Sustainability

Green building is a popular trend as homeowners want to make less of an impact on the environment. Unlicensed contractors may say they can handle green building, but how do you know they are doing it correctly? Professional licensed green builders learn the latest in:

  • Efficiency with water, energy, and resources
    • Homeowner education
    • Lot and site development
    • Indoor environment quality

This isn’t a one-time education. As new education emerges, licensed contractors must learn and update their licenses.

Improve Your Resale Value

When a professional with contractor certifications remodels or builds your home, they also help you in the long run. A remodeled or brand-new home will be worth more if you choose to sell your home later. There are more homes that are not energy efficient than ones that are. You put yourself at a great advantage if you need to sell.

Don’t Forget Your Taxes

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Not only will a licensed building professional provide you with a properly built or remodeled home, they can also provide you with a few tax breaks. In the State of Maryland, there are several state tax credits that are available to the homeowner. Many other states provide deductions to their residents. The federal government also provides a credit for energy efficiency in the home. Don’t forget to mention it to your accountant during tax time.

Remember that if you hire an unlicensed contractor who is thousands cheaper than a pro, you get what you pay for. This is your home, where family get togethers, sleepovers, and meals will take place. It’s well worth the investment to hire a licensed contractor who can provide you the best in building.

At T.W. Ellis we believe certifications and memberships matter, not only to show we’re professionals, but to give back to our industry and have the knowledge our clients need us to have. We are proudly members of NAHB with CAPS, CGR, and Master CGB certifications, among others. Ready to get started on your remodeling or building project? Contact us today.

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