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Create an Outdoor Living Space: Make the Most of Nature

outdoor living space exterior of screened-in porch

An outdoor living space is one of the charms of owning a home. Many apartment dwellers may daydream about having a yard for the kids and dog to run around in, or a place to plant a garden. But now that you’re a homeowner, are you spending as much time outside as you thought you would?

Why not make the transition from indoors to out seamless with a new outdoor living space for your home? A remodel can make the sunny days even better. A deck, outdoor living room, or screened in porch can get you outdoors and enjoying it more often.

Why Invest in an Outdoor Living Space?

outdoor living space, interior of screened-in porch

Everyone has their own reasons for adding a deck or other outdoor project, but here are some points to consider when wondering about why to add an outdoor living space to your home.

  • Affordable
  • Extra space
  • Entertaining more frequently
  • Resale (return on your investment)

Imagine a project that won’t break the bank and gets you and your family, with room for your extended family, outside. It is a win-win situation for most homeowners.

The Deck is Your Go-To Outdoor Living Space

deck, another outdoor living space by T.W. Ellis

The first outdoor living project most homeowners think of undertaking is adding a deck to the back of the house. It’s the easiest way to combine the outdoors and grilling out. An elevated deck can feature a grilling space and tables for meals. You can even include a full outdoor kitchen if you have the space! If you want the deck at the lowest level of the home, it can become an outdoor living room. Comfortable seating, fire pits, or fireplaces can be included for evening drinks and conversation. Some people even include a space for a large screen television protected by an overhang and screening; your new deck can be the ideal spot to watch the game!

Screened-in Porches An Almost-Outdoors Solution

Many folks love to add a screened-in porch to the home. It can be an extension of the deck or its own addition. These are perfect for homeowners who want to use their space year-round. The porch has a roof to shelter you from the elements and screens allowing fresh breezes to flow while keeping bugs out.

In colder months, a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor heaters can add warmth to make the space comfortable. Rather than seeking out totally weatherproof furniture, a screened-in porch gives you a little more flexibility when choosing your outdoor furnishings. Your pets can also lounge in the sun and enjoy fresh air on your screened-in porch without you worrying they will run off.  

You Can Have Fun with Décor

Outdoor living space with fireplace and furnishings

The best part of adding outdoor living space is how you can play with style. You can create the perfect outdoor living space with your own personal touches. The color scheme can be anything you want. Fireplaces and fire pits are common elements with outdoor living spaces, from chimeneas to custom stone fireplaces—pick whatever style you love. Plants and wall décor can add the feel of home to the space, so that it blends seamlessly with the indoors.

T.W. Ellis has the Experience to Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Adding on an outdoor living space is easy when you have the right contractor. T.W. Ellis is committed to creating a deck, screened-in porch, or other outdoor project that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Several of our outdoor living spaces, including custom decks and porches, have earned accolades such as the Award of Excellence with Home Builders Association of Maryland.

Contact us today to get started on your outdoor project or deck and get “Our Family Working Together with Yours.”

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