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Say Goodbye to The Dungeon Basement

refinished basement ultra modern den

Several decades ago, basements were dreary and boring. Even when a basement was refinished, you still knew you were in a basement. It lacked that homey feel the rest of the home has. Here are some ways to create a refinished basement that is a fully integrated room in the house. And it will feel like home.

Make Your Newly Refinished Basement All Yours

Refinishing your basement can add extra living space your family needs and desires. There are lots of ways to use the space and functions that can help make a refinished basement special. Here are some ideas for a refinished basement:

pool room in luxury refinished basement
  • Game room/Man cave–a pool table, a bar, darts, or video games!
  • A home theater or den–televisions are getting larger and a home theater or den can accommodate them with plenty of seating.
  • A playroom for youngsters–you can take care of other things in the house while children have a safe place to play. Playdates are even better with a playroom.
  • An extra bedroom or two–as families grow or generations cohabitate, extra bedrooms are important. Or you can have a lovely guest suite added to your basement for visitors.

It’s All About the Design of Your Refinished Basement

Modern techniques and materials can do wonders for a basement. Many basements are below ground and get very little sunlight, if any at all. Lack of natural light creates a somber mood, and although light fixtures do help, they can’t solve all of the lighting issues in a space like a basement. You can have windows or glass walls added to a refinished basement. You can even utilize false windows that mimic sunlight and brighten the room. There are virtual windows that can provide some “sun” or a scenic view of your choice. Think beaches one day, mountains the next.

white modern guest suite in refinished basement with lighting
Lighting plays a role in the tray ceiling and TruStile Modern™ Series door pictured here.

There are also structural touches that can improve upon the look of your basement. A fireplace installed for ambience. Doorways can be made of mirrored material or frosted glass, and glass doors or pocket doors can be installed to save space and take away the dreariness of a closed-in room. Doors also separate your basement, making it a multi-use area. Another feature you may want to add is a private entrance: it can lead to the backyard so that kids can switch from the playroom to the swing set or to the driveway for extended family or guests.

Architectural touches like molding, wainscoting, and feature ceilings can also give refinished basements a more sophisticated look and feel. While you won’t get cathedral ceilings in a basement, you can change the shape or finish to give it a less claustrophobic feel (think recessed, tray ceilings, or exposed beams for depth).

Finishing your basement can add extra heated square footage to your property. Additionally, if you choose to extend the space you can increase the footprint of your home.

Let’s Talk Money

If you are looking for what this will cost, you can contact T.W. Ellis today for an estimate on your refinished basement. In many cases, refinishing your basement can add to the selling price of your home. The uniqueness of the space will contribute to resale value and how effectively the refinished basement is incorporated into your home’s overall design. So, refinish your home’s dreary basement rather than keeping it for wasted storage space. Enjoy creating the space for whatever your family needs or wants!

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