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Enjoy A Daily Dose of your Backyard with a New Outdoor Kitchen

It is a beautiful summer day, warm, but with a slight breeze blowing, and a cloudless blue sky overhead. Why would you want to be cooped up indoors, sweating over a hot stove, watching this scene from a window? Getting outside and into nature frequently, even if it is just your backyard, is a necessity. People are so starved for the natural world that some medical professionals are prescribing time outdoors as a treatment option for various health issues, including an ailment coined by author, Richard Louv, called “nature-deficit disorder.”  

A Prescription for Partying

Outdoor kitchens have gained popularity in recent years. One reason an outdoor kitchen has appeal is for entertaining; if you are already grilling outdoors in the warmer seasons it makes sense to have all the convenience of your kitchen right at your fingertips. Having a bar, with seating, taps, and refrigerators can make your backyard a perfect venue for throwing parties.

Not only will you keep the mess of your party outside of your home, making clean-up far easier, but you will also have nature as a backdrop. People tend to become more relaxed in nature, and a sunset is more meaningful to share with friends and family members than a television screen or your latest artwork acquisition on display.   

Garden or Grill Fare: The Gift of Delicious Cuisine 

With built in sinks, cabinets, and grills—all made with weather-resistant durable finishes to withstand the elements—cooking and food prep is more convenient than ever. There is an endless array of outdoor cooking options available, like brick pizza ovens; smokers; and built-in or stand-alone gas, charcoal, electric, or hybrid grills.

Grilling meats, and vegetables, is generally healthier than frying or sautéing in oil. The flavor of grilled food is both delicious and satiating. There is something deeply satisfying about cooking and dining outdoors. Imagine wasting money dining out when you can create the perfect space in your own backyard for cooking and dining? After all, eating a flavorful meal in a setting filled with ambience is the main reason many people enjoy dining out: Why not enjoy these amenities in your own backyard, along with a simple clean-up, and healthier fare?

All-Weather Al Fresco Dining

Build fresh, expand or cover an existing deck, or choose to have your outdoor kitchen offset from your home with a covered patio space. Select lighting and even ceiling fans so that your space is useable during any time, day or night, and even during the hottest parts of the day. Choose outdoor heating options for colder months, like custom brick outdoor fireplaces, firepits, or stand-alone propane heaters.  

If You Want to Get Started

If you are feeling blissed out just contemplating a new outdoor kitchen, imagine how gratifying it would be to actually plan one out and have it built? We are well-known locally for our amazing decks and have completed many projects like this; make your outdoor kitchen dream into reality by contacting TW Ellis today.

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