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Hobby Rooms – Your New Favorite Spot

Hobby room with woman working on computer

A lot of us have picked up new hobbies and interests over the last couple of years. This is a good thing, as a hobby can help you clear your mind and stay mentally healthy.

But maybe your house isn’t cooperating. Sometimes you need a room where you can pursue your hobbies, interests, or favorite leisure activities.

This should be a space where you won’t have to worry about kids or pets making a mess or knocking over your work. This space should also be a reflection of you, a place that makes you feel happy.

If you’d like to create a space like this in your home, this article will share some ideas for creating such a room in your home.

Music hobby room with drums, trombone, and an electric guitar.

Build A Music Room

If you or you or your kids play musical instruments, a soundproof area to practice is crucial. You can turn a basement or spare room into a music studio where the family musician can practice in peace or enjoy their favorite music.

For this type of hobby room, you should add soundproofing insulation to the walls. Next, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of soft surfaces like wall treatments and ceiling tiles to provide good acoustics.

Once you have the functional stuff figured out, you should make sure to set up a storage area. You’ll want the storage to be specifically for the instrument you play, which are often large and oddly shaped. It would help if you also had a cabinet where you can keep your sheet music, records, and so forth.

Home theater built by T.W. Ellis that includes large reclining theater seating with cup holders.

Home Movie Theater

Want to create a cinematic experience at home?  We have the hobby room for you!  We just need a large, empty space to get started.

We’ll install lighting in different settings to darken the room just enough to make the ambiance perfect for movie watching. We will soundproof and add acoustics to the room, similar to how we would in a music room. We’ll also install a surround sound system to bring your movie to life.

To finish the room, you would need comfy, tiered seating and a refreshment station where you can store soda, popcorn, or whatever your drinks and snacks of choice are.

Model plane being painted

Model Building

If you’re a hobbyist who relaxes by building models of boats, cars, airplanes, or trains, then you know how important it is to have a private, designated spot for your work. Or maybe your kids (or their dad) is really into Legos and need a place to work.

You’ll want this space to have bright ambient and task lighting so you can see every single detail and make working easier. You’ll also want plenty of room and storage for all your tools, paints, and other supplies.

Lastly, let’s install some shelving fully equipped with lighting to showcase your models once they’re complete.

Woman painting with watercolors in hobby room

Arts & Crafts Room

If you or anyone in your family took up crafting in the last couple of years you know what a demand on space that hobby has. There are endless types of materials, supplies, and tools required.

Like with model making, you’ll need plenty of storage space in your hobby room for paper, paint, fabrics, wood, and anything else you need to make your creations. You’ll also need a place to spread out and work, with the right electrical connections for hot glue guns and soldering irons.

And again, good lighting is critical.

There are many other hobbies – too many for us to mention here. But for many of them, a dedicated hobby room will help you get the most out of your pursuits.

We are here to help design a home that fits your needs, no matter what they are. If you need help brainstorming or executing, we can help every step of the way!  Give us a call to get going on your new favorite hobby room.

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