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How To Add Color To Your Home Renovation

Living room with light blue walls and white trim containing some chairs and a TV

If you’ve been staying on top of home design trends, you’ve likely noticed that the white and beige color schemes that everyone has been swooning over the past few years have suddenly been replaced by bright colors.

This sudden and very drastic switch may come as a surprise, and if you’re planning to remodel your home, you might wonder if this is just a trend that will die quickly or something that will stick around. Let’s look at why we think more homeowners will add color to their homes in the near future and which shades you should include in your remodel.

Why Is Color Being Used in Home Design?

So, what inspired the switch from all-white everything to bold colors? The last few years have been full of challenges for many people, and color impacts our emotions. Shades of pale blue can feel calming, while a warm, dark shade of gray can feel comforting, which is exactly what people want to feel when they step inside their homes.

Another switch we’ve seen is from the minimalist aesthetic, which went hand in hand with the all-white, sparse house. Many people want to display old family photos and artwork that makes them feel nostalgic. So, instead of bare walls and bright white surfaces, color is taking over in a big way.

Add color to your home like this kitchen with a beautiful pattern tiled backsplash, black granite countertops, and surrounded by blue and wood cabinets.

Which Colors to Include in Your Renovation

First, if there’s a color you love – include it in your design! Your home should be full of colors and items that make you happy. However, if you want your home to follow the latest trends, there are some colors that we are seeing more than others.

So, if you’re ready to add color to your home remodel, we recommend adding blues and greens, especially in the kitchen. Dark cabinets have been slowly making their way into homes for the last couple of years, and we think they will continue to be popular fixtures for years to come.

However, colors like forest or mossy green and navy blues give a space an earthy feel that can also be luxurious. Plus, these colors pair nicely with most countertop materials and finishes you may want to include in your kitchen. In the bathroom, lighter shades of these colors give the space a tranquil, calming feel which is perfect for a spa-like retreat.

Terra Cotta is another color we have seen in kitchen design, especially in Southwest-inspired spaces. The bold, rich color pairs beautifully with zellige tiles, which give the space a nice sparkle, and wooden countertops, which are very on-trend. This color can also work in the living room if you have the right furniture to compliment the bold shade.

A more surprising shade that has become very popular, especially in the bathroom, is pale pink. Don’t worry – if done right, your pink bathroom won’t look like a dollhouse or a baby girl’s nursery. This is an excellent option for slowly introducing color into an otherwise all-white space. Pairing a pale pink vanity with a marble countertop and gold hardware will make the space feel luxurious and cheerful. What color would you like to include in your home remodel? We are here to help! Give us a call so we can discuss your project.

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