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How To Create A Luxury Kitchen In A Small Space

Are you dreaming of a luxury kitchen remodel but are afraid your space limitations won’t allow that to happen? We have good news for you – a luxury kitchen can be created in any space, big or small.

Of course, with a smaller space, we will have to get a little bit more creative, but it can be done!

Here are some of our tips for designing a luxury kitchen in a small space:

Get Vertical

Extending cabinets up to the ceiling will allow you to have more storage space than if you used standard-sized cabinets. This way, if you don’t have room for an island or a pantry, you will at least have more storage options.

Under cabinet refrigerator in small luxury kitchen containing produce, beverages, and a charcuterie board

Under-Counter Refrigerator

A huge refrigerator may be on many homeowners’ wishlists, but you need other options when space is an issue. Under-counter refrigerators slide open and look like they are one of your cabinet drawers.

They are very popular in Europe, where many people do not have large homes or kitchen spaces. Yes, this is a much smaller fridge than you may be used to, but going this route will save you valuable real estate for other kitchen must-haves.

Ditch The Clutter

If you want your small kitchen to look and feel luxurious, you’ll need to keep it clean and clutter-free. Going with a minimalist style may be the best approach. 

We’ve been saying trends are shifting away from all-white kitchens, but in a smaller kitchen, we like to use bright white cabinets to make the room feel more open. Since you’re looking for luxury, the counters and backsplash could be a beautiful marble, allowing the space to feel larger.

Get Creative with the Layout

Small spaces require creativity. One of the primary sources of frustration we hear from homeowners with small kitchens is that there is no room for an island. While that may be true, there are other options.

We like to include a peninsula which will give you some additional counter and cabinet space and seating. The peninsula will give you room to work inside the kitchen preparing a meal and allow guests or family members to gather, mingle, and graze.

If a peninsula isn’t your style, you could get a small rolling island. This would likely only be used when you had company, but you’d be able to set out food on this portable island since you may not have the counter space needed to set everything out.

Luxury kitchen dark wood cabinets with simple elegant gold pull handles

Don’t Skimp on the Finishes

Sometimes, the difference between having a luxurious space and not is the finishes. Choosing features like a high-end faucet or unique door pulls will give your small space character and a luxurious feel. 

The lighting you choose will also add an element of luxury to your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is always a good idea for those looking for luxury. You should also have some type of lighting from above, for example, pendant lights or recessed lighting.

If you have a small kitchen that you’d like to remodel, we are here to help! Give us a call so we can get started.

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